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    Find A Casio Baby-G Watch In Singapore That Suits Your Style

    Casio’s Baby-G watch has redefined what a women’s watch can and should be, both in Singapore and worldwide. Designed as a more feminine counterpart to Casio’s iconic G-Shock line, each watch has the same rugged durability and functional capabilities as the G-Shock with a sleeker touch. Each timepiece has a shock-resistant structure and 100 meter water resistance, making it ready for all types of outings and adventures.

    Redefining what a Women’s Watch can Be

    In 1994, Casio’s release of the Baby-G watch revolutionized the industry and made it possible for women to live active, modern lifestyles without sacrificing their fashion sense. Casio watches typically come with a more affordable price tag, so you do not have to break the bank to enjoy them. We offer a wide range of Baby-G watches for the modern Singaporean woman to enjoy.

    Pairing Style and Functionality for the Modern Woman

    Apart from the size and bulkiness of the watch frame and strap, most Baby-G and G-Shock watches look the same. Some models including the original DW-520 (and its recreation the BGD-500 series) and the BA-110 series are virtually identical to certain G-Shock lines, making them perfect as his-and-hers couple watch options. This gives the Baby-G a confident, bold look no matter what model you opt for.

    Baby-G watches come with a variety of functions to enhance your everyday experience. Casio’s proprietary solar battery system ensures your watch will never run out of battery, and selected models now include world time and tide graphs. The G-SQUAD series is one of the newest Baby-G watches that includes steps tracking, Bluetooth connectivity, and a casual look to pair with your latest athleisure outfits. For a more sophisticated look, the G-MS series comes in new metal and resin models for a touch of sharp elegance. Take your Baby-G watch from daytime trek to evening dinner without any worries.

    Browse Casio Baby-G Watches at City Chain Outlets in Singapore

    Explore our Casio Baby-G watch collections on City Chain’s e-commerce platform or in our physical outlets throughout Singapore. Our internal QC standards ensure you will only get authentic, high-quality pieces to bring home. Stay tuned to our e-commerce platform for updates on new Baby-G watches in Singapore, or visit the City Chain outlet near you to find out more.

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