Home is at the centre of every person's life, it is the safe space where we seek comfort, respite and relaxation. Seiko understands that the decorative accessories in one’s home can be a vital part in creating a welcoming and cosy atmosphere. Hence, the brand seeks to contribute in a charmingly understated fashion – with stunning wall clocks that possess dynamic motions and excellent sound performances to accompany you through every hour of your lifestyle.

    Each of Seiko wall clocks is crafted with quality and class in mind. Using only durable materials, timeless designs and trusted clock movements, the elegant collection of Seiko wall clocks available at CityChain Singapore is meant to provide enduring delight. 

    Add a touch of quiet luxury to your house with these exquisite timepieces or gift it as a housewarming present for new homeowners. Whether you prefer vintage pendulum wall clocks or chiming wooden ones with quartz movement, the selection of Seiko wall clocks on CityChain Singapore’s online store has got something for everyone.

    Visit CityChain Singapore’s online store or drop by the nearest store to learn more about the perfect Seiko wall clock for your unique home. Keep a look out for other charming timepieces from popular selections like adidas watches or shop our latest Christmas collection to secure your position as best secret Santa today.


    What is the price of a wall clock?

    The prices of wall clocks vary according to the quality of the clock itself. Factors like branding, clock movement, size, design, materials or gears often affect the prices significantly. However, for wall clocks from premium brands such as Seiko, it should be well within expectations for them to cost around $400 to $800 for the craftsmanship, quality assurance and design.

    While more affordable wall clocks may be available on the market, Seiko wall clocks will be at the top of our recommendations if you prefer sleek quartz movement housed in elegant wooden silhouettes with intricate vintage detailing and lovely melodies. 

    Is Seiko a good wall clock brand?

    Silent, accurate and beautiful, Seiko wall clocks have a good reputation amongst lovers of quality timepieces and are sure to add on to the homeliness of your private spaces. For individuals looking to create smart homes, you would be delighted to know that all of the Seiko wall clocks carried by CityChain Singapore have smart features such as light sensors. These sensors will automatically disengage hourly chimes when it is dark to ensure your peaceful rest at night.

    How do you set the time on a Seiko wall clock?

    There are a few different types of Seiko wall clocks, so the instructions for setting the time will vary depending on the model.

    For quartz clocks, there are knobs on the side of the clock to adjust the timing. For pendulum clocks, there is usually a key on the back of the clock, simply insert the key into the slot and turn it until the hands are pointing to the correct time. Finally, for vintage wall clocks with chiming features, there may be an adjustment lever located on the side of the clock. Moving this lever up or down will change how often the clock chimes throughout the day.

    Ultimately, no matter what type of Seiko wall clock you may have or wish to own, following these general instructions will help you keep it running accurately. If you are still unsure, be sure to contact the experienced staff of CityChain Singapore for professional help and advice.

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