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    Revel in the Beauty of Solvil et Titus Watches in Singapore

    Founded in 1887 by a renowned watchmaker and inventor, Paul Ditisheim, Solvil et Titus has come a long way in the Swiss watchmaking realm. Currently based in Hong Kong, Solvil et Titus features an eclectic collection – including iconic everyday, mid-range and entry-luxury timepieces that are universally popular among avid collectors and the everyday wearers in Singapore and beyond.

    From navigational-purposes watches and chronometers with automatic display of sunrise and sunset to ones with equations of time, each watch at Solvil et Titus features elaborated movements and cutting-edge technology – all of which flawlessly encapsulates the brand’s dedication to precision and power in its timekeeping.

    Time is Love: The Symbol of Romance

    Nothing spells romance like a Solvil et Titus watch does. With the belief that time has played a significant role in defining what love means, Solvil et Titus reignites the close affinity of time and love with its “Time is Love” ethos permeating through its modern collection.

    Find the Solvil et Titus Watch That Was Made for You at City Chain

    In City Chain’s online catalogue, you can find an exhaustive range of competitively priced Solvil et Titus watches, catered to both men and women in Singapore. 

    The tough-looking aesthetics and luxe features of the Solvil et Titus Modernist Collection work in seamless harmony, making it an enduring companion to just about any outfit – from tuxedo to board shorts, you name it.

    For the ladies, the Solvil et Titus Ring & Knot Collection will have you falling head over heels, over and over again. Featuring a classic ring design bezel and distinctive diamond pattern on the dial, the Ring & Knot is truly an understated luxury.

    The Nordic Tale Collection is a testament that style need not come with a price. If you are looking for a minimalistic and affordable watch that will take you off the beaten track and have your back in any hour of need, this collection is where to look. 

    Shop Solvil et Titus watches safely and securely on City Chain’s online platform today. With robust QC procedures, you can rest easy knowing that only authentic and quality pieces will arrive in your hands.

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