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    Discover High-Performance Sportiness With The Casio Edifice

    When it comes to buying Casio watches in Singapore, names like the G-Shock or Baby-G tend to pop up quite easily. However those looking for a more high-performance option can turn to the Casio Edifice instead. The Edifice is the Japanese electronics powerhouse’s chronograph line for men, and has become known worldwide for its charismatic, high-quality watches with a powerful appearance. While most Casio watches carry a price tag on the more affordable side, the Edifice is a higher-end option that delivers the latest in Casio’s timekeeping technology.

    Bold, Dynamic Science in a Sophisticated Timepiece

    Each Casio Edifice watch is a multi-functional chronograph, blending Casio’s cutting-edge technology with a sleek and dynamic watch face design.  Casio even incorporates feedback from racing teams when crafting the Edifice, to ensure that it meets the highest standards of reliability and accuracy. Even small details such as the inset dial and functional knobs are designed and fine-tuned to deliver only the most accurate measurements to the wearer. The solid metal look of the inset dial and metal case reflect the polished sophistication of the Edifice, making it an ideal timepiece for someone who can recognise and appreciate the finer things in life.

    Reimagining the Chronograph for the Man of Today

    The Casio Edifice reimagines the traditional chronograph to give it a more modern look, making it the perfect choice for a men’s watch that can take you from weekday work meetings to weekend fun in the blink of an eye. The ECB-10 series as well as the more recent ECB-20 Series come with Bluetooth link capabilities to help you stay connected to your smartphone. The smartphone link ensures accurate timekeeping, and also supports a schedule timer feature as well as automatic time zone correction for the frequent flier who needs to keep track of his meetings and appointments. The Edifice’s powerful capabilities are ideal for those who live life according to their own rules, and need a timepiece that can keep up with their busy lifestyle.

    Get Up Close with the Casio Edifice in City Chain Singapore Stores Today

    Visit City Chain’s e-commerce platform or physical outlets in Singapore to learn more about the Casio Edifice today. Our high internal QC standards ensure the quality of our timepieces, and our Service Centre provides after-service care for the discerning buyer.

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