Explore a Legacy of Precision with Hanhart

    Trace the remarkable journey of Hanhart watches, from its humble beginnings in the serene town of Diessenhofen, Switzerland, to becoming a beacon of horological excellence in Schwenningen, Germany. With a history rich in innovation and tradition, Hanhart has been at the forefront of watchmaking since Johann A. Hanhart opened his watch shop in 1882. Known for pioneering the world's first affordable mechanical stopwatch in 1924, Hanhart has continually set the industry standard, merging rugged durability with elegant design through the decades. Explore Hanhart's history and immerse yourself in a legacy where every timepiece is a masterpiece of precision, designed for those who demand the very best.

    PIONEER Mk I & Mk II - Chronographs of Timeless Precision

    Step into a world where timeless elegance meets innovation with Hanhart's PIONEER Mk I and PIONEER Mk II. The PIONEER Mk I, with its heritage in the "Calibre 40" from 1938, features a sleek, single-button mechanism for an experience steeped in vintage charm. Meanwhile, the Mk II, inspired by Hanhart's early pilot chronographs, features a dynamic two-button setup, including the brand's signature red reset button. Each model showcases Hanhart's dedication to precision, embrace the spirit of adventure with these iconic timepieces.

    The Red Button: A Symbol of Love and Protection

    Experience the enchanting tale behind Hanhart's iconic red button, the red button carries with it a legend of love and safety, originally painted by a pilot's beloved to ensure his safe return. With RED X BLUE Collection, Hanhart once again bridges the gap between historical significance and contemporary innovation. The Twin Sets in blue and anthracite are more than just watches, they are timeless companions for everyday adventurers and connoisseurs of fine watchmaking.

    The Hanhart 417 ES: A Reimagined Legend

    Embrace the rebirth of a horological icon with the Hanhart 417 ES, a masterpiece that redefines the essence of timeless design merged with cutting-edge craftsmanship. Over six decades ago, the original model earned its esteemed status as the inaugural pilot’s chronograph for the German armed forces, setting unparalleled standards for accuracy, durability, and functionality in the most demanding conditions. Today, the Hanhart 417 ES stands as a tribute to its glorious past, discover the Hanhart 417 ES and wear a piece of history, reimagined for the modern era.

    Experience Hanhart Watches in Singapore

    Visit our stores in Singapore to experience the unmatched craftsmanship and legacy of Hanhart watches firsthand. With over a century of Swiss-German engineering excellence, our collection features iconic models, including the timeless Hanhart Pioneer and the special edition RED X BLUE. Discover a Hanhart watch that not only tells time but narrates your unique journey with elegance and precision. Visit us in-store or online to find the perfect timepiece that resonates with your spirit of adventure and uncompromising attention to detail.