Hanhart Single-button mechanism


The Hanhart Single-Button Conversion

Among the typical Hanhart features such as the red button, the “bicompax” dial or the fluted bezel with a red marking, the single-button chronograph has been characteristic for Hanhart since the late 1930s. In order to realize the one-button chronograph, Hanhart has to change a part of the movement, which controls the complex chronograph circuitry and ensures the start, stop and reset function via one pusher rather than two pushers.

First the automatic system will be disassembled to get to the cam, the central switching element of a chronograph. This cam will be reworked with a special erosion machine so that the geometry and thus also the switching function change. After the cam has been cleaned and re-lubricated, the gear lever of the automatic unit will manually be adjusted to the cam, checked, cleaned and lubricated by our watchmakers. Then it engages precisely into the cam and the automatic system can be re-assembled. In this way, the chronograph functions are redirected to one pusher.