Smartwatch VS Traditional Watch: Which One Should You Get?

For the longest time, there were only 3 main types of traditional watches: mechanical, automatic, and quartz. Now with the introduction of smartwatches, there’s a whole new type of watch gaining popularity in Singapore.

It’s easy to understand why many people have switched from traditional watches to high-powered and cutting-edge smartwatches. However there are still good points on either side of the debate that make some people hesitate to spring for the latest smartwatch. Watch lines such as the Casio G-Shock have even hopped onto the smartwatch bandwagon to appeal to more consumers. If you are wondering whether to get a smartwatch or traditional watch, here are some key things to consider:


Casio G-Shock Sports Blue Watch

Credit: City Chain (Casio G-Shock Sports Blue Watch)

Smartwatches possess the latest technologies, making them a form of wearable tech that can serve as an extension of your smartphone and other devices. Many smartwatches now come with basic capabilities such as measuring your heart rate, tracking running routes, or showing world time displays, and models like the Apple Watch can even be fully integrated with your smartphone. Traditional watch brands such as the Casio Edifice, Casio G-Shock, and Casio Baby-G are now releasing collections like the Casio G-Shock G-SQUAD that can be linked with your smartphone for added functionality.


Fossil Tailor 3 Hands Automatic Women Watch

Credit: City Chain (Fossil Tailor 3 Hands Automatic Women Watch)

Traditional watches will not have the same capabilities as a smartwatch, which can be a comfort for those who prefer to have simpler timepieces. For mechanical watches in particular, the intricate movements of the watch mechanism are actually prized by wearers and collectors alike. These types of watches are admired and adored for their timeless mechanisms that have remained accurate and precise throughout centuries of watchmaking tradition. Some models like the Fossil Tailor 3 Hands Automatic Women Watch even play into this for the design, with the watch face allowing for a peek into the intricate gears underneath.


Traditional watches fare better than smartwatches when it comes to longevity, as many traditional watches can last a lifetime if cared for properly regardless of whether the watch is a mechanical, automatic, or quartz movement type. Most models simply require occasional battery replacements, or more detailed upkeep if damaged by water or other accidents. City Chain customers can even visit our City Chain Service Centre in Singapore for easy repairs and maintenance.

Timex Expedition Field Quartz Chronograph Men Watch

Credit: City Chain (Timex Expedition Field Quartz Chronograph Men Watch)

Many iconic watch brands such as Timex have been in the business for over 100 years, and they’ve managed this feat by ensuring their timepieces are durable, precise, and built to last. Watches like the Timex Expedition Field Quartz Chronograph Men Watch can now travel with you over rugged terrain and endless adventure, and can last you for years to come.

In contrast, smartwatch technology gets outdated as fast as it comes into trend, with new smartwatch models and features being introduced each year. While this does not mean your 2-year-old smartwatch is now redundant, you may feel pressured to replace your smartwatch when the latest model arrives on the market.


Nixon Heat Digital Black Men Watch

Credit: City Chain (Nixon Heat Digital Black Men Watch)

Functionality and style are intertwined when you are on the search for your dream watch. Most smartwatches have a more modern, even minimalistic appearance in line with their technologically advanced capabilities. While many traditional watches can also come with a minimalistic design - like this Nixon Heat Digital Black Men Watch - there is much more variety when picking out a traditional watch to suit your style.

Kenneth Cole Automatic Stainless Steel Men Watch

Credit: City Chain (Kenneth Cole Automatic Stainless Steel Men Watch)

Traditional watches are available in any style or design, and across a variety of price points as well. From the sleek sophistication of the Kenneth Cole Automatic Stainless Steel Men Watch to the feminine whimsy of the Sara Miller Piccadilly Collection Rose Gold, traditional watches have remained popular for the endless choices of designs available.

Sara Miller Piccadilly Collection Rose Gold

Credit: City Chain (Sara Miller Piccadilly Collection Rose Gold)

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