4 Watch Brands In Singapore To Elevate Your Hari Raya OOTD

With Hari Raya Aidilfitri 2023 right around the corner, you’re most likely preparing what outfits to wear when you visit your family and friends. But putting together an unforgettable outfit doesn’t just stop at your clothing and shoes – your accessories can be what makes or breaks an outfit too.

Here are 4 watch brands you can find at our City Chain outlets or online watch shop in Singapore that are sure to help you be Raya-ready:


Seiko is one of the most reliable watch brands around if you’re looking for a timepiece that’s functionality-forward while still remaining stylish. The wide range of series and collections for both men and women also make it a guarantee you’ll find a watch you adore.

Those who lean towards classic silhouettes will appreciate the beauty of the Seiko Presage. Inspired by traditional Japanese aesthetics, each Seiko Presage gracefully toes the line between boldness and refinement. Couples looking to coordinate their Raya accessories can consider the blue tones of the SEIKO PRESAGE SRPB43J1 COCKTAIL TIME "SKY DIVING" AUTOMATIC MEN WATCH and SEIKO PRESAGE SPB234J1 AUTOMATIC 3 HANDS WOMEN WATCH.

Seiko is also one of the brands featured in limited-edition Hari Raya watch promotion, which runs from 1-26 April 2023 with discounts up to 30%. Featuring brands including GUESS, Baby-G, and Fossil, you’re sure to find your perfect Raya accessory with us.


As one of the youngest watch brands we carry, Obaku represents the optimistic creativity of the field. The brand’s Danish DNA remains distinct in each and every design, intertwined with a clean and modernist aesthetic. Ladies who are looking for something contemporary and boundary-pushing will appreciate the sleekness of the Anemone, available in colourways like the brown mother of pearl OBAKU ANEMONE WALNUT V287LXVNMN WOMEN WATCH and rose gold OBAKU ANEMONE ROSE V287LXVWMV WOMEN WATCH.


Adidas’ streetwear history translates into their timepieces as well, resulting in watches that can be easily dressed up or down for an everyday outfit or special occasion. Go retro with the squarish forms of the ADIDAS RETRO POP ONE AOST22534 QUARTZ UNISEX WATCH, or embrace their watch brand’s youthful energy with the ADIDAS PROJECT ONE AOST22558 QUARTZ MEN WATCH.

Solvil et Titus

If you’re looking for a versatile and stylish watch brand, Solvil et Titus is definitely a contender. Featuring a broad range of silhouettes and designs, their men’s watches have a masculine yet refined aesthetic, while their women’s watches are both romantic and feminine. The Solvil et Titus Classicist series works well in casual and formal settings, and has a sleek look that won’t distract from your outfit. Ladies might appreciate the Tiffany blue-esque strap of the SOLVIL ET TITUS CLASSICIST W06-03244-001 2 HANDS QUARTZ LEATHER WOMEN WATCH, while men might prefer the traditional elegance of the SOLVIL ET TITUS CLASSICIST W06-03222-003 MULTI-FUNCTION QUARTZ LEATHER MEN WATCH.

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If you’re wondering where to buy the best watches in Singapore, you’ve come to the right place. From Seiko to Solvil et Titus and beyond, discover a myriad of renowned watchmakers from around the world right here at City Chain Singapore. With over 30 years in the watch retail business, we have developed an extensive QC process to ensure that all of our watches are genuine and of the highest quality possible. 

Step into a City Chain watch shop near you today to browse our watches for sale, or peruse our online watch shop to conveniently order your watch of choice right to your doorstep. Discover more watch recommendations, style tips, gift guides and more on our blog including pastel Solvil et Titus watches to brighten your wrist and 6 Seiko watch collections every collector should know.