Collection Showcase: UNDONE Batman

UNDONE watches are some of the most prized branded watches worldwide today. At just 5 years old, this young company has set themselves apart from the crowd with exclusive made-to-order, customisable, and high-quality  timepieces. Apart from their bespoke features for men and women, UNDONE is known for their collaborations with iconic franchises too - including the one and only Batman!

If you have been searching for the perfect present for a Batman fan in your life - these elaborate and detailed theme watches are just what you need to make their day. Browse and buy a carefully curated selection of UNDONE Batman watches online today - available exclusively at City Chain Singapore.

1. UNDONE X BATMAN Quantum COL-BTM-QTT Standard Edition

Bold, tech-forward, and charismatic, UNDONE’s Quantum Standard Edition is a sophisticated homage to Batman’s iconic batsuit, batmobile, and gadgetry. The watch strap and buckle are inspired by the batsuit, and the black colourway with a subtle hint of yellow on the date indicator are a fitting homage to the iconic yellow Batman insignia.

The watch comes with a Japanese Automatic Winding Mechanism, and water resistance of 20 ATM (200 Meters). Superhero touches adorn every inch of this timepiece without being too flashy, from the scratch-resistant sapphire crystal lens to the Grade II Titanium housing with a sandblasted finish. In low lighting, the lume even illuminates to display the time as an icy-blue and green radar - making it feel like you’re stepping into the shoes of the Caped Crusader as he patrols the streets of Gotham.


The Dark Knight is part of a collection to commemorate Batman’s 80th anniversary, and even has a special commemorative badge printed on the open glass case back. It is UNDONE’s first titanium watch with a modern sandblasted finish, and comes with a Grade II Titanium case and hardened domed K1 Crystal lens. Blue illuminates the lume of the face, making the hands, sundial, and indices glow in low light.

As one of the toughest materials around, Titanium is the perfect choice for a stylish watch that could be part of Bruce Wayne’s very own collection. This hardy material is biocompatible, hypoallergenic, inert and rust-resistance, corrosion-resistant to sea water and chlorine, and is even stable in extreme temperatures - basically, this watch is like having a Batman gadget on you at all times.

3. UNDONE X BATMAN: Redhood COL-BTM-DN-RH Limited Edition

Any Batman fan wil know of Jason Todd, better known today as Red Hood. From beloved boy sidekick to tragic figure to one of the most popular antiheroes in the Batman universe, Red Hood has captured the hearts of fans worldwide with his fierce fighting style, snarky attitude, and deep dedication to justice (at any cost). To celebrate the 1-year anniversary of the UNDONE X BATMAN Quantum, a special Redhood Limited Edition was released to pay tribute to Red Hood’s enduring allure.

The Redhood is similar to the Dark Knight, with some subtle yet distinct differences. The titanium case is coated with PVD for extra hardness, making it even harder than stainless steel and more corrosion-resistant so it retains its flawless sheen for longer. The bat insignia on the watch face is also in a deep red rather than black, with a matching red tinted glass caseback.


UNDONE’s Caped Crusader pays special homage to an iconic era in Batman’s evolution - 1989 to 1993, with touches of black and yellow that echo one of Batman’s most recognisable costumes. Tributes to Batman’s gadgets are present in the small details too, from the yellow oval insignia doubling as a  “Batarang” sundial hand, to the luminous face that glows in a green detect-a-scope design under low light.

The open glass caseback also features a special commemorative Batman 80th Anniversary badge in the same shades of black and yellow. And of course, the face bears the words “Guardian of Gotham City Since 1939” - reminding us of how Batman has stood the test of time to emerge as one of the world’s most famous superheroes today.

Buy limited-edition UNDONE watches online at City Chain Singapore

UNDONE watches are prized by timepiece collectors worldwide for their rarity and limited run sizes. You want to ensure that you are buying an authentic UNDONE piece to add to your collection - no less for a figure as famous as Batman.

City Chain Singapore’s strict internal QC measures ensure that only authentic UNDONE watches pass through our hands into yours. Shop UNDONE x BATMAN watches online, or visit our outlets in Singapore for more information.