UNDONE Watches: Batman, Astro Boy, Popeye & More!

UNDONE is known as the world’s top custom watch brand - and they’ve only been around for 5 years! Though they are a newcomer in the market, they have already made their mark worldwide by letting you design your own made-to-order timepiece that’s assembled in-house for the best quality possible.

If you’re searching for a brand that lets you truly express your individuality, then an UNDONE watch is the right fit for you. Even in their various collaborations with famous franchises and characters, every model released comes with intricate details and thoughtful design nods that turn the timepiece into a miniature work of art.

Now you can finally get your hands on some of UNDONE’s exclusive IP collaborations right here in Singapore, featuring characters such as Batman, Astro Boy, and Popeye! Buy directly and securely on our e-commerce platform, or head down to any City Chain outlet in Singapore to see how they look on your wrist before you bring them home.

1. Batman

Any fan of the Dark Knight has got to get their hands on these exclusive UNDONE Batman watches. Batman is one of the world’s most famous series (along with the eponymous character), and UNDONE has released several collections celebrating the legacy of Gotham’s most feared protector.

Only 999 pieces of the UNDONE X BATMAN Dark Knight Retrospective COL-BTM-RETRO Limited Edition were made worldwide, each complete with a unique serial number. The watch has a strong and bold look with its red aluminium rings, diamond-like carbon coating, and glass vault inspired by the 1960s Lincoln Futura Batmobile as well as high-end luxury watches. Details such as the Riddler’s lume in glow-in-the-dark green and a mechanical skeleton movement also help to pay homage to classic Batman nostalgia, while ensuring the watch performs at a level of precision that would make Bruce Wayne proud.

Other UNDONE Batman models in our collection include the UNDONE X BATMAN Quantum COL-BTM-QTT Standard Edition, UNDONE X BATMAN: Redhood COL-BTM-DN-RH Limited Edition, UNDONE X BATMAN: Dark Knight COL-BTM-DKN, and the UNDONE X BATMAN: Caped Crusader COL-BTM-CPC.

2. Astro Boy

The world first met Osamu Tezuka’s Astro Boy in 1952, making this iconic childhood companion almost 70 years old! To celebrate the legacy of Japan’s most popular and famous anime characters, the UNDONE X Astro Boy COL-ASTB-LE was released to pay homage to this iconic android. The watch is inspired by Astro Boy’s X-ray vision, with a semi-transparent dial that offers a peek at the Japanese mecha-quartz movement underneath. Other unique features of this watch include the forged carbon fibre bezel, the red and green lined on the crown inspired by Astro Boy’s outfit, and the dual time zone function (a first for UNDONE) with an inner rotating bezel that can track a second time zone.

3. Popeye

Another famous cartoon character from our childhood is Popeye the sailor! The UNDONE X Popeye COL-POP-SLM-BK “Blacksand” has a creative take on traditional watch hands, with Popeye’s comically muscular arms serving as the hour and minute hands instead. While this might sound a little childish at first, UNDONE maintains the sophistication of the watch with a bi-directional rotating bezel with beige diver function numerals (a small nod to Popeye’s nautical profession) and a sleek 316L flat 3-link “Oyster” style silver stainless steel bracelet strap. Another unique feature is the left-hand dial - making this a great watch for left-handed wearers, or right-handed wearers who don’t like their dial digging into their wrist throughout the day!

The UNDONE X Popeye & Friends COL-POP-BTS Aqua Brutus Limited Edition is also available, and was made with just 150 pieces worldwide. Buy it now at City Chain so you won’t miss out on this exclusive collectible!

Make your mark on the world with an UNDONE watch

Whether bespoke or part of a limited-edition collection, there’s no denying that UNDONE watches are making quite a splash in the timepiece market today. From Batman to Astro Boy (or even a pop culture-inspired Monopoly Collector’s edition), these vibrant watches are the perfect addition to any timepiece collection out there.

With City Chain’s strict internal QC measures, we can ensure that only authentic high-quality UNDONE watches make their way through our doors and into your hands. Buy your limited-edition UNDONE watches online, or pop into any City Chain Singapore outlet to browse our full collection.