4 UNDONE Watches Perfect For A Die-Hard Movie Buff

Whether you’re planning ahead for a birthday or preparing for the upcoming festive season, finding the right present for the important people in your life doesn’t have to feel like a chore. One of the easiest ways to get your present choice right is by looking at your friend or family member’s interests and shopping accordingly.

If you know someone who’s both a major movie buff and a collector of limited edition watches (or maybe this describes you to a T!), one of the best ways to blend their interests together is to get them an UNDONE watch. UNDONE has made their name worldwide through themed collections and collaborations with some of the biggest franchises and series globally – and that includes their wide range of movie-themed timepieces too.

1. UNDONE Blockbuster: Jurassic World COL-UNV-JWD Limited Edition

UNDONE’s “Universal Blockbuster” series is a collaboration between the watch brand and Universal Studios, bringing the magic of some of your favourite movies to you in the form of an everyday wristwatch.

The UNDONE Blockbuster: Jurassic World COL-UNV-JWD Limited Edition is based off the Jurassic World and Jurassic Park franchises, and contains unique design elements such as the classic Jurassic Park logo printed at the 12 o’clock mark and an engraving of Pteranodon Peak on the silver case back.

But what stands out the most is the brown leather strap accentuated with thick white cord – giving the watch an expedition-like look perfect for running from a Velociraptor or dodging the dangerous jaws of a Tyrannosaurus rex.

2. UNDONE Blockbuster: Back to the Future COL-UNV-BTF Limited Edition

Go from the prehistoric past to the wacky future with the UNDONE Blockbuster: Back to the Future COL-UNV-BTF Limited Edition based on the 1985 hit movie “Back to the Future”

With the movie’s focus on time travel, it’s no wonder that this UNDONE watch includes cheeky details such as a surface inspired by the dashboard of the movie’s main time machine – Doc Brown’s DeLorean. The display method in this watch is also one-of-a-kind as the hour, minute, and second dials are constantly rotating whereas the green line (engraved with a “PRESENT TIME” label) will always point to the correct time along the traditional 12 o’clock mark.

Suffice to say, this watch is the perfect homage to everyone’s favourite time travellers from the 80’s.

3. UNDONE X Star Wars: Darth Vader COL-STW-DKS Limited Edition

There’s movie and cinema fans, and then there’s “Star Warsfans. 

While Star Wars is a highly successful movie and media franchise of its own, the commitment and dedication of its fans are indescribable. Give the Star Wars fan in your life a truly unforgettable present with the UNDONE X Star Wars: Darth Vader COL-STW-DKS Limited Edition honouring the original trilogy’s iconic villain, Darth Vader. 

Details on this UNDONE watch  include a Grade 2 Titanium case, all-black silicone strap, and hour markers patterned after the Death Star – all culminating in a watch that showcases one’s love for Star Wars in style.

4. UNDONE X Disney COL-DIS-MIC-F Mickey Fantasia

Another massive movie and media franchise that has captured hearts all over the world (and throughout multiple generations!) is definitely Disney. From classic movies to modern-day hits like the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Disney is easily the biggest franchise in the world today. 

Honour Disney’s beginnings with the UNDONE X Disney COL-DIS-MIC-F Mickey Fantasia based off the 1940 film “Fantasia” that features Mickey Mouse in his role as the Sorcerer's  Apprentice. A radiant metallic finish on this UNDONE watch’s dial gives it a magical shimmer even in the daytime, and you can see the stars on the dial (as well as Mickey himself) come to life at night in a cool luminous blue. 

A pair of leather-backed blue suede straps complete this timepiece, making this a truly beautiful piece of nostalgia any Disney fan would love to have.

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