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      UNDONE Watches: The New Kid On The Block

      Started in 2019, UNDONE is a comparatively new brand in the watch scene, but they’ve been making waves ever since the beginning. Dedicated to providing modern timepieces that are accessible and personal, UNDONE artfully uses iconography of everything from 90s games to eastern philosophy to develop a range of watches that are inspired by a rich storytelling tradition.

      Although it emerges from a tradition of old-school classics and new-school action, UNDONE watches play with conventions rather than being limited by them. This allows them to develop well-crafted and unique designs that don’t compromise on quality or precision.

      Creative Collections for Your Tastes

      UNDONE watches feature contemporary classics and old-school hits in their watch designs. You can find an array of popular brands on the UNDONE watch collaboration list. With wide reaching categories like UNDONE x Disney and UNDONE x Universal, you’re bound to find your favourite character peering back at you from behind a hardened crystal casing. 

      Each product description for an UNDONE watch features a description of the character, which provides prospective wearers with insight into how this character became a cultural icon. With UNDONE watches you can wear your nostalgia on your sleeve or create an interesting talking point for your next social gathering.

      Urbanise Your Style with UNDONE Watches

      Although the UNDONE watches feature nostalgic and modern icons, they are far from kitschy. Each timepiece balances iconography and novelty with well-balanced proportions, quality materials, and a timeless look. Never before have novelty and fashion been so carefully balanced. So wearing an UNDONE x Disney Mickey Mouse watch won’t make you feel like a school child as these watches are designed to unite nostalgia and pop culture with an urban chic style.

      Wear your UNDONE watch for a weekend dinner out, or find a sleek model to integrate into your work wardrobe. UNDONE designs are tasteful and classy above all, and just happen to feature your favourite characters at affordable price points. Browse the City Chain website to see our full UNDONE collection or try on a watch in-person at our watch stores in Singapore to find your perfect UNDONE watch

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