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    Seiko Lukia: The Feminine Glamour of Ginza

    A district situated in central Tokyo, the Ginza of the past had rapidly developed into an avant-garde showcase of shops, media businesses and entertainment. Today, Ginza is synonymous with glam and flashy, like a window into the world of Japanese fashion and the arts.

    The Seiko Lukia ladies watch collection commemorates this exact spirit and vivacity of Ginza. It is an ultra-feminine line of watches, designed to narrate the individuality of its wearer – both in her personal or professional life. These versatile timepieces have adorned the wrists of women in Japan for a long time and have since made their way around the world.

    Uncover a Pristine Collection of Ladies Watches

    Like the Milky Way splashed across the canvas of our galaxy, or the steel-faced demeanour with a touch of masculinity, the Seiko Lukia ladies watch series is made up of engineering marvels. Each horologe features the iconic Seiko’s construction of timepieces that never fail, made possible with features like the sapphire crystal glass encased in a stainless steel body. Developed with Japanese quartz technology and stop-second function, every Seiko Lukia watch tells the time with a level of precision that is unrivalled.

    Seiko Lukia is a watch that every woman wears with pride. It is conscientiously made to fit your lifestyle in every way. If you want to stand out, look out for a limited edition timepiece - with Swarovski® Crystals -  that transforms its wearer into an ephemeral beauty.

    The Colours of Lukia

    Like the traditional aesthetics of Ginza, the Seiko Lukia ladies watch series features signature colours that exude rich emotions.

    Day and Light Colours

    Gofun, the colour of powdered seashell, features a pure, ethereal look that is widely encapsulated in Japanese cosmetics. For a touch of spring, Sakura-iro represents a lasting homage to those delicate spring colours. And like the moon, Tsukishiro is inspired by the serenity and lightness of this celestial body as it dances from afar.

    Evening and Warm Colours

    A luscious red, coined Kurenai, signifies a lady’s confidence as she draws on her femininity and passion. The deep blue evening sky of Ruri-iro evokes a deep warmth from within. The graceful ash grey of Aoshiro-tsurubami is a chic and polished blend of classic and modern, like the cobblestone at the backstreets of Ginza.

    Accentuate Your Femininity With Seiko Lukia in Singapore

    It is time to put your feminine arm forward and let your personality shine. With City Chain’s curated collection of Seiko Lukio ladies watches in Singapore at an affordable price, you will have something to wear at every milestone of your life. Find authentic and high-quality timepieces when you browse at our store today.

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