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Elevate Your Style Around the Clock With a Guess Watch in Singapore

Started as a humble clothing store in Beverly Hills, Guess made its forays into the watch market in 1984 with the introduction of its first-ever fashion timepiece. Today, the brand boasts an international network of over 60 distributors and 20,000 retail outlets worldwide, including Singapore.                     

When it comes to watches, Guess sits in a class of its own. The perfect embodiment of innovation and style, Guess watches exude an undeniable refined allure – making them the perfect arm candy for the trend-setters and adventurers alike. Practical horological functions were also brought into the game-play, allowing the brand to leave a deep impression among fashion-driven men and women, and winning hearts everywhere.  

Crafted for the high times, the low times and every precious moment in between, Guess watches serve as a reflection of one’s unique identity – regardless of gender, preference or lifestyle.

Guess Watches for the Ladies

From trendy-casual watches to sophisticated-chic ones, Guess watches are designed to keep you on time in the most sophisticated and stylish way possible.               

The Modern Muse Sparkler is one of the most iconic collections among Guess’ women watches. Embellished with a splash of spellbinding sparkles around the dial, the Modern Muse Sparkler unlocks a world of pure elegance and is destined to shine for a lifetime.

Guess Watches for the Gentlemen

Guess’ collection for men encompasses the best of masculine design, materials and technology, reflecting the brand’s long-standing visionary legacy. 

The Supernova Quartz Collection features gallant and stylish yet minimalistic pieces you will be proud to put on when you are out and about. Featuring low-key, classical design cues and a tasteful brown strap, the Supernova Quartz is perfect for seamless day to night transition and is indeed tailor-made for the modern-day men.

Explore Guess Timepieces at City Chain

Flaunting a curated collection of authentic Guess Watches, City Chain Singapore brings you the best of what the brand has to offer. Pick up a style statement from Guess via our online shop, and we will get them delivered to your doorstep.

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