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      Dive Into The Magic Of UNDONE x Disney Watches

      Leap into nostalgic childhood characters presented by the UNDONE x Disney watch collaboration. In this exciting project, you can celebrate all your favourite characters and movies reimagined through streamlined and sophisticated timepiece designs. Under the banner of this collaboration, die-hard Disney fans will be excited to see original classics like Peter Pan, Lion king, Dumbo, Pinocchio and more come to life under a hardened crystal casing.

      Alongside old-school classics, collectors will also find iconic Mickey Mouse watches under the Mickey and Friends and Fantasia lines. But if you’re more into Disney’s contemporary cinema, then the Frozen, Toy Story, and Monsters Inc. lines will surely have something to offer. Lean into the childlike joy of Disney’s most iconic characters through the artfully crafted UNDONE x Disney collaboration.

      Sleek Design + Iconic Disney Characters

      Just because it’s Disney doesn’t mean it has to be juvenile. These childhood classics are carefully balanced with high-quality craftsmanship to create wearable timepieces that fit as easily into an outfit as a collectors cabinet. Each watch uses a hardened crystal dome to encase the clock face design, and wearers will be delighted to find supple leather bands to complement the high-quality details and provide gentle support to the wrist. 

      The UNDONE x Disney watches vary in the mechanical technologies employed. Designs like the Mickey Fantasia watch use Japanese hybrid flyback chronograph technology whilst others like the “Guess Who’s Back” Mickey Mouse watch employ an automatic winding mechanism for ease of use. No matter your preference, you are sure to find an UNDONE x Disney collaboration from our collection that suits both your personal style and lifestyle needs.

      Find Your Disney Favourites at City Chain Singapore

      You don’t have to be a die-hard Disney fan to love these watches. The classic lines, supple leather, and classic iconography make these UNDONE x Disney timepieces a must-have for collectors and casual wearers alike. To get the full experience and see the UNDONE craftsmanship for yourself, visit one of our watch stores in these locations across Singapore. If you know exactly which Disney watch you want, make your purchase through our online e-commerce platform to enjoy a smooth and convenient purchase. Browse our full range on City Chain today and see Mickey Mouse and more in a whole new light.

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