3 Must-have watches for woman

To feel like a complete functional grown woman, there are items that you must own. A watch is one of them. If you do not have an everyday timepiece, then you should consider heading to City Chain Singapore to get yourself an elegant watch. A classy women’s watch from renowned brands like Solvil et Titus, Fossil, and Casio, to mention a few, will add a sense of style to any outfit you wear. 

An elegant watch will enhance your value and appearance as a woman and give you a sense of identity. With a watch, you will appreciate time and develop a functional relationship with it, improving your overall quality of life. Here are three watch brands every woman must have.

  1. Solvil et Titus Barista Multifunction Watch$264 (u.p $330)

The Solvil Et Titus Barista multi-function quartz women watch is the one timepiece you cannot afford to not have in your collection. The elegant Solvil Et Titus watch will immerse you in unforgettable experiences and appreciate every outfit you have in your closet. The 36mm case size is perfect for women. The watch has a unique case shape, tonneau, with a silver-white dial color. 

The leather band watch also has quartz movement and has a three hands date. With this watch, you will not have to worry about splashes or rain. If you want to remain trendy as you enjoy swimming on a sunny day, it is still a good option for you. The high-end feminine watch will undoubtedly add to your sophistication and class. 


  1. Fossil Scarlette Micro 3 Hands Date Quartz Women Watch $194.70 (u.p $229)


If you are looking for a watch to gift a loved one or an everyday watch that you can wear to work or your date, then the Fossil Scarlette Micro 3 hands date quartz women's watch is a piece worth having. You will fall in love with this watch at first glance. 

This silver watch is excellent for your greys, blues, blacks, and whites, but there is no limit to what you can wear it with. The fact that it has a metal strap also is a plus as it makes it perfect for all occasions. Another feature worth noting about the timepiece is its 5 ATM water resistance. If you love water sports, you can wear it while swimming, diving up to 50 meters, and even snorkeling. The two-pusher foldover clasp closure will ensure the watch stays in place. 


  1. Casio BABY-G Standard Analog-Digital Black Watch $249

You will never miss a Casio watch in a watch enthusiast collection. This watch is unique and designed for the active woman that loves to travel and the beach. 

From the BABY-G G-MS lineup of watches for the active and sophisticated woman of today comes a selection of new metal and resin models.

The overall sharpness of these designs comes from cases, bezels, and buckles made of solid metal, and the metallic look of the hour markers. Resin bands create an adult casual fashion look.

In addition to the simple white-and-silver model, this lineup also features a feminine pink gold bezel in combination with a white, or black. A new structure makes it possible to create a watch with a smaller face and thinner case, for a timepiece that fits right in for work and leisure time.

Function-wise, these models feature World Time, Tough Solar, LED light and more.
The cool designs and essential features of these models provide constant support for the active woman throughout the entire day.

Take away

You can instantly change your watch game with the three brands above available at City Chain. They scream elegance, quality, and style.

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