Understanding Oris: The 4 Worlds Of This Classic Swiss Watch

Watch collecting has been a popular hobby amongst Singaporeans for a long time, and the popular timepiece brands amongst collectors has shifted over the years from classics like Rolex or Patek Philippe to more independent luxury brands. 

Many of these independent brands have the same strong focus on mechanical automation and technological precision as the giants of the luxury watch world, but their ‘indie’ status makes them more appealing to collectors who want to craft a truly unique selection of watches.

Oris watches are one such brand that collectors in Singapore can stay on the lookout for. With a heavy vintage influence in their style and a dedicated commitment to mechanical automatic movement, this Swiss watchmaker is a great option for relatively affordable luxury watches that still have a high value. Their watches are further split across 4 different ‘worlds’ to better differentiate their offerings, each with their own unique qualities and design traits. 

1. Diving

The Diving world of Oris watches primarily revolves around the Oris Divers series like the Oris Divers Sixty-Five 733 7707 4055-07 8 20 18 Mechanical Men Watch or the Oris Aquis Date 733 7770 4150-Set Upcycle Mechanical Women Watch. All Oris diver watches come with minimum 10ATM water resistance making them suitable for most recreational water sports, unidirectional rotating bezels that ensure the accuracy of dive sessions, and a proprietary clasp to ensure the watch stays secure even over a wetsuit. Though many collectors will no doubt prefer to keep their watches safely locked away or on display at home, those who want to use their Oris watches to their full extent can rest easy that their timepiece can withstand the pressures of the deep blue sea.

2. Aviation

Moving over to the Aviation world, this is where the Oris Big Crown and Oris Big Crown Propilot series shine. Oris aviation watches like the Oris Big Crown 752 7760 4164-07 3 2202brlc Propilot Big Day Date Mechanical Men Watch come with a large crown for easy handling and oversized number markers that are visible even from afar – classic aviation watch features retooled in Oris’ own unique style.

3. Motor Sport

Watch collectors who are also fans of F1, rally racing, or motorsports will love the Oris Chronoris and Oris Artix GT series under their Motor Sport world. These watches have a 70’s inspired vintage aesthetic along with a distinctly masculine flair, along with practical features like rubber edges for a more secure grip.

4. Culture

All other remaining Oris watches that do not fall into the first 3 categories are categorised under their Culture world. This includes special or limited-edition capsule collections, as well as the Oris Artelier and Oris Classic series. The Oris Classic is the brand’s most affordable series and has a simple, straightforward design – making it a suitable choice for a collector who wants to begin their foray into Swiss watchmaking without necessarily breaking the bank.

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