Why An Oris Is An Ideal First Luxury Watch Purchase

When Singaporeans think of luxury watches, some big names immediately come to mind: Rolex, Patek Philippe, Omega, IWC, and so on. However many first-time or future collectors can feel intimidated by the prospect of saving up for or owning timepieces from such reputable heirloom brands.

If you are interested in building your luxury timepiece collection and don’t know where to start, there are dozens of other luxury brands out there you can begin with. Swiss watchmaker Oris is one such name that most laypeople might not recognise, but has a distinct presence and positive reputation within the timepiece collecting community.

Read on to find out why Oris is a great candidate for your first luxury watch purchase, or browse Oris watches online at City Chain.

Genuine Swiss-made Quality with a Focus on Tradition 

Like so many other luxury or even high street timepiece makers, Oris was founded in Switzerland in the early 20th century (1904 to be precise).

What sets Oris apart is it is one of the few brands that only produce mechanical men’s and women’s watches, and do not produce any battery-powered watches at all. Oris further produces their own in-house movements such as the Calibre 403, Calibre 114, and Calibre 110 – resulting in cutting-edge mechanical movement technology with innovative functions.

Collectors looking for a Swiss brand that honours its rich traditions and seeks to preserve and advance the craftsmanship of mechanical watch movements don’t have to look any further.

Technical Innovations of Classic Watch Styles

Oris has produced several collections to date with some standouts being the Aquis diver’s watches, Big Crown pilot’s watches, and Propilot pilot’s watches. Each collection reimagines traditional watch forms like the diver’s or pilot’s watch, blending signature features of each style with Oris’ own technological innovations. 

First-time collectors can take a look at the Big Crown for a casual yet classy series of pilot’s watches. First introduced in 1938, the Big Crown is now one of Oris’ signature designs and is recognisable for its large crown and oversized numbered markers that are visible from afar. The Cervo Volante collaboration, like this Oris X Cervo Volante Big Crown 01 754 7779 4067-Set Pointer Date Mechanical Watch ($2,240), has a beautiful gradient dial inspired by Alpine hues of green and blue as well as a strap made from sustainable deer leather.

Collectors looking for a more practical option can turn their eye to the Aquis. This contemporary rendition of a diver’s watch has a sleek and legible dial for enhanced visibility while still remaining versatile and stylish to suit any occasion. It also promises its acquirers 3 main achievements: an anti-magnetic build that meets and exceeds ISO 764 standards, a 5-day power reserve so it’s always ready-to-wear, and a 10-year warranty for ensured reliability. 

The Aquis comes in men’s and women’s watch styles such as the Oris Aquis Date Relief 733 7766 4158-07 8 22 05PEB Mechanical Women Watch ($2,400) and Oris Aquis Date Calibre 400 400 7763 4135-07 8 24 09PEB Mechanical Men Watch ($3,840) and even has variations like the rubber strap of the Oris Aquis Date 733 7766 4157-07 4 24 64FC Mechanical Men Watch ($2,160).

Affordable Entrypoint into Luxury Watch Collecting

Overall with prices beginning at around $2,000 per watch, Oris watches are a great investment that delivers value for money without bearing too big a price tag. The brand’s clean design and quality craftsmanship make it an evergreen choice for the discerning collector, and is a great way to begin your collection.

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