The Gentleman’s Rules to Wearing a Watch

Stylish men in Singapore understand there are dressing rules. They know brown shoes go with brown belts.
They know pre-tied bow ties are not flattering, and wearing pajamas outside the house is just unacceptable. 
Rules apply too when it comes to wearing watches. You do not want to be that man whose watch looks off.
Here are rules for wearing your Solvil et Titus or other high-end timepieces. Knowing how to wear your watch will make it look expensive and elegant. Here are the rules.
1. Do not wear a sports watch with a suit
Sports watches like the Casio G-Shock is best worn with a t-shirt or polo shirt. Most dive watches are big and tend not to fit well in the sleeves of the suit. Leave the sports watches for casual wear, and instead and go for types like Seiko Presage.
Men who wear dive watches with suits put across the impression that they have no clue of watch-wearing rules.
2.  Dark watches go with dark clothes
This is probably not so obvious, but you will start wearing your watches better. Wear your dark suits or outfits with watches that have black, navy blue, or brown dials. If you decide to wear a white t-shirt, wear a watch with a white or cream dial. 
The same applies during the time of the day to wear specific watches. The darker dials are best worn at night, while lighter hues for the day. It is, therefore, a great idea to own more than one timepiece. 
3. Stick to watches that fit your wrist
Oversized watches are not the best to choose. They make your wrist look way smaller, which is not something you want. Also, they have a way of ruining your outfit. While oversized watches were a trend some time back, that is no longer the case.
If you want to be taken seriously in the timepiece world, you need to start loving watches that fit. City Chain Singapore has a wide range of masculine timepieces that can fit your wrist. This way, you will not appear like you are screaming for attention. Instead, you will put across a sophisticated aura. Note that overly small watches will equally throw off your outfit.
4. Consider switching your timepiece every day
Gentlemen should consider keeping a collection of watches. City Chain has an array of timepieces from renowned brands like Seiko, Solvil et Titus, Casio, and Seiko, to mention a few, where you can choose pieces to go with your daily outfits.
On top of making sure that every outfit has a good watch to match, having a couple of them will make them last longer. Slowly build up a collection of at least four watches to suit your various outfits and needs.
Take away
When it comes to the world of horology, everything needs to be done right. As a gentleman, you should have a collection of good quality watches and know how to wear them. With the rules above, watch wearing for you will be effortless.