Celebrate Chinese New Year 2023 With Solvil et Titus

The Year of the Rabbit has finally arrived, and Solvil et Titus is celebrating with their latest limited edition watch release in Singapore.

Launched to celebrate Chinese New Year 2023, the latest collection draws inspiration from the 醒狮 XingShi style of lion dance traditionally seen in Singapore.

The 醒狮 is a form of lion dance that originated in Southern China (which is where many Singaporean Chinese’s forefathers came from!), and usually involves just one lion along with an accompanying musical troupe and other performers. The lion is considered to bring good luck and fortune to those who watch it, and can be commonly seen in celebrations around Singapore during the Chinese New Year period.

Solvil et Titus’ collection honours the detail-oriented intricacy of the 醒狮 making process, which also echoes the watchmaker’s tireless dedication to precision and master craftsmanship. Clear and distinct design elements inspired by lion dance heads are present in each and every timepiece, and the release of this collection conveys auspiciousness, prosperity, good luck, and good fortune for the new year to watch collectors and enthusiasts alike.

Discover the Solvil et Titus Lion Dance Saber Chronograph Quartz Watches and Lion Dance Modernist Automatic Skeleton Watches today.

Lion Dance Saber Chronograph Quartz Timepieces

Coming in 4 models across 2 colourways and 2 types of watch bands, the Lion Dance Saber Chronograph Quartz Watches adapt the signature design of the Solvil et Titus Saber series with a contemporary Asian twist.

For a sportier look equally suitable for everyday wear, there’s the SOLVIL ET TITUS W06-03318-004 LIMITED EDITION LION DANCE CHRONOGRAPH WATCH and SOLVIL ET TITUS W06-03318-003 LIMITED EDITION LION DANCE CHRONOGRAPH WATCH with their sleek black leather band. The dials, multi-crown details, band stitching, and underside of the band are coloured either a gleaming gold or vibrant persimmon orange to bring some extra Huat! Into your outfit. A roaring tiger is embossed on the back of the watch as well, reflecting the energetic power and command of the traditional lion dance.

Those who want a sleeker option will appreciate the SOLVIL ET TITUS W06-03318-001 LIMITED EDITION LION DANCE CHRONOGRAPH WATCH and SOLVIL ET TITUS W06-03318-002 LIMITED EDITION LION DANCE CHRONOGRAPH WATCH instead, which look identical to the first two apart from their black stainless steel bands. 

Whether worn on a wrist, kept as an heirloom, or displayed as part of your collection, these timepieces are undoubtedly a spectacular way to commemorate Chinese New Year 2023.

Lion Dance Modernist Automatic Skeleton Timepieces

Watch enthusiasts and collectors who can appreciate timepieces that are little more high-quality while still bearing Solvil et Titus’ signature attention to detail can admire the SOLVIL ET TITUS W06-03321-001 LIMITED EDITION LION DANCE MODERNIST AUTOMATIC WATCH and SOLVIL ET TITUS W06-03321-002 LIMITED EDITION LION DANCE MODERNIST AUTOMATIC WATCH

These takes on the Solvil et Titus Modernist model reimagine and reposition a traditional chronograph display, with a lion dance head that looks as though it’s leaping right out of the watch at you. 

The openwork skeleton dial on both the front and back reveals some of the mechanisms powering this timepiece, which are brightly coloured in a neon yellow or crimson red. Curious to find out more about skeleton watches and their distinctive appearance? Learn out how skeleton watches work in our blog.

While the Modernist models are now sold out, the Saber models are still available for purchase in Singapore with low and limited stocks left.

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