What Is A Skeleton Watch And How Do They Work?

Luxury watches come in various shapes and sizes, all standing out uniquely amongst competing styles and brands. But, out of all of them, the most eye-catching timepiece design would have to be skeleton watches. Sporting an open-face design, skeleton watches allow their wearers to see the inner workings, intentionally drawing more attention to the intricate key components of the movement. 

Using the horological mindset of “less is more”, brands have been using fewer materials to show the inner workings of what makes the watch tick. Still curious about skeleton watches? Read on as we share more about these interesting timepieces and some of the best ones you can buy at City Chain Singapore. 

The History Of Skeleton Watches

The first skeleton-style watch originated from a French watchmaker, André Charles Caron, in the 1760s. He removed the pocket watch dial to allow his customers to look at the inner machinery behind the watch’s function. While the style of skeletonised watches was not popular then, Caron’s unique way of thinking led to other watchmakers removing pieces that were not needed. Thus, giving rise to thinner and sleeker watch designs, also known as wristwatches. 

Since then, many brands have used this skeletonisation process to produce skeleton watches that many collectors know and love. Once the dial has been reduced, leaving the vital elements of the watch, each part is polished before being stamped or engraved upon. Contrary to popular belief, this is no easy feat. The engravings often require a lot of work and attention to detail, as this process produces the unique look that many watch aficionados seek. Moreover, the intricate details encourage its wearer to admire the exposed mechanism's unique pattern and workings. 

Should You Buy A Skeleton Watch

Skeleton watches have been designed to turn functionality into a unique style. And, if you are interested in a timepiece with the perfect balance of style and functionality, then you should invest in a skeleton watch. With the display of gears, bridges, wheels, and everything that keeps track of time on your wrist, it’s safe to say that you are not just investing in a wristwatch. You are investing in a gentleman’s timepiece. 

Every skeleton watch piece comes across as luxurious and functional enough to run for a couple of days after a single winding. In addition to the convenience, a diverse selection of style choices are available in the market these days. From watch shapes, size, and metallic construction to the colour and strap design, wearers of skeleton watches can easily find a watch that fits their unique style. 

Here are some factors you can look out for when considering a skeleton watch to invest in:

1. Gear Exposure

Skeleton watches come in different types: partially exposed gears, fully skeletonised watches, or watches with small cutaways. If you intend to own a wristwatch where you can appreciate the watch’s movements, then you may want a fully skeletonised version like the Kenneth Cole Automatic Stainless Steel Men Watch. This watch is certainly not shy with a thick black case and large crown protector.

With a case size of 44mm, the automatic movement's internals are on clear display, with a large portion of the dial being dominated by the skeleton window. Unlike other conventional watches, the hour and minute markers take a backseat to the rest of this watch. The watch lug is connected to a gunmetal-coloured stainless steel mesh strap for a classic look. The brand hasn’t forgotten about the ladies, either. Kenneth Cole also offers fully skeletonised watches like the Kenneth Cole Kc51122002 Automatic Stainless Steel Women Watch for ladies who would like to appreciate the watch movement. 

Watch wearers who love a cleaner, minimal design may prefer a timepiece with lesser gear exposure like the Kenneth Cole Kcwgl2217001 Automatic Black Men Watch. Still keeping an immaculate design, this model lends an interesting touch to the typical dress watch with its partially exposed gears – a sure way to garner interest from anyone checking out the time on your watch. 

2. Watch Movement 

Most skeleton watches are automatic or manual-winding mechanical watches. The motion of your wrist powers an automatic watch, allowing the spinning movements to be converted into energy that helps wind the mainsprings. On the other hand, manual-winding watches must be wound by hand every day, making them more inconvenient than their automatic counterparts. 

3. Material 

Choosing the material of your skeleton watch often boils down to the budget that you have set aside. Metals such as gold and platinum can be more expensive. However, if you intend to wear them daily, we recommend getting a stainless steel bracelet as it is more durable. 

You can check out the Kenneth Cole Kc50920005 Automatic Stainless Steel Men Watch for something showier and less classic. Sporting a brown case and stainless steel strap, the skeleton design of the watch is complemented with coloured stones that sit upon the dial. 

If you want a more vintage look, you can choose a skeleton watch with a leather band like the Fossil Me3154 Townsman 3 Hands Automatic Men Watch. For a partial display of the gears, you can look at the Fossil Me3110 Townsman Multi-Function Automatic Men Watch. Featuring a simple keyhole skeleton dial that displays just a small portion of the watch’s amazing automatic movement, the watch is encased in a 43mm diameter stainless steel casing of 15mm thickness. The strap for this watch model is made of genuine leather with a buckle clasp to keep its classic vintage style. 

Shop Your Skeleton Watch With City Chain Singapore

Skeleton watches are designed and made to be cherished – when you first lay your eyes on the exposed dial, it is impossible not to be captivated by the intricate workings of the timepiece. However, it also has to be said that this innovative design may not be for everyone. Hence, if you prefer your watch mechanisms to be neatly tucked away and covered up, City Chain Singapore has plenty of options. 

At City Chain Singapore, you’ll find a diverse selection of skeleton watches from brands like Kenneth Cole and Fossil and watch models from renowned watchmakers like Seiko, Sara Miller London, Ball, and more.