Solvil et Titus x Limited Edition The Cape Camouflage series

Solvil et Titus is quite a renowned watch brand in Singapore. The brand, is well received among Singaporeans. It has been an excellent choice for the folks that want a quality and affordable package. City Chain Singapore is also carrying these two Solvil et Titus limited edition timepieces. 




What stands out in these watches?

1. Strong build

 People are looking for watches that are suitable for everyday adventure. These watches qualify for this thanks to their strong build and high water resistance. 


2. Functionality

The functionality of the timepieces is also impeccable. We are talking about automatic movement and a three hands date, to mention a few.


The two Titus watches are worth looking forward to.






As aforementioned, there will only be 100 pieces of this beauty. The Japan-made automatic movement watch boasts features that one would want to have in their watch collection.

The watch is 20 ATM water-resistant. If you love water sports, then this is a watch you can comfortably wear. You can have it while taking a shower, doing some laps in the pool, and even scuba diving. The water resistance also speaks on the resilience of the watches, as you do not expect damage from exposure.

This piece also has leather straps that are compatible with all styles and outfits. It also boasts three hands date function for detailed timing information. The date display is also something to love about the watch. The dial and strap color of the watch is green, with a case measuring 42mm. The stainless-steel round case has outstanding numeric markings that also contribute to its décor.

The materials have been well picked out to ensure the durability of the timepiece. That is Sapphire glass and 316L S/S case material. The sporty design of the watch makes it suitable for casual wear.





The watch will also be part of the limited edition launch. It also has a 20 ATM resistance, making it ideal for the man who loves adventure and water sports. There will only be 100 pieces of this timepiece, each engraved with a running number to show its position.

The watch has an automatic movement, which comes with great aesthetics, smooth movement, high power reserve, and low maintenance, to mention a few. The watch also has three hands date giving you accurate timing information including the date. The stylish design and precious look goes well with party and casual wear.

The strap material is leather and grey and matches with the grey camo dial. The timepiece is also durable, thanks to the choice of materials used to construct it. We are talking about sapphire glass crystal, which is resistant to scratches and shattering and has a very low chance of breaking. 


Both watches have shark engraving and numeric position of the limited edition at the back. Something else that is outstanding about the watch design is the time marks engraving.

The Solvil et Titus timepieces are aesthetically appealing. The construction is also robust, and the features are also worth it. If you are looking to add something to your watch collection, consider going out of the norm and get a limited-edition timepiece. 

The quality is outstanding, durability guaranteed, and of course, the two watches are aesthetically pleasing.