Style Tips: How To Match A Fossil Watch With Your Outfit

Watches carry a certain power to make or break your outfit. And especially when it comes to accessories, men tend to have lesser choices than their female counterparts. Hence, choosing the right watch to complement your overall attire can truly make a huge difference and elevate your overall style. As such, here are some easy, practical tips to match a Fossil watch with your outfit and make an entrance in every situation or gathering.

1. Match Your Watch to the Occasion

There are many ways to pair your watch to any specific occasion. The basic principle is to always choose the right watch that would match both the formality of the occasion and your outfit. There are three basic styles – formal, sports, and casual.

Formal designs are often simple, sleek, yet sophisticated. They do not come with complicated functions. As such, if you’re attending a formal event or business meeting, a classic dress watch with a leather strap like the Fossil FS5934 Inscription 3 Hands Date Quartz Men Watch will always do the trick. The square dial and simple face of this Fossil watch lends a luxe formal design for men looking to define class.

On the other hand, sports watches like the Fossil FS5837 FB-01 Chronograph Quartz Men Watch and Fossil FS4552IE Machine Chronograph Quartz Men Watch tend to feature a large dial with metal bands and bold numerals. 

If you’re going out in less formal surroundings, opt for watches with metal bands that can be easily paired with jeans and a casual shirt. A simple but classy chronograph such as the Fossil FS5830 Everett Chronograph Quartz Men Watch would be a good pick. Men going on a date can consider upping the romance with a skeleton watch like Fossil ME3219 Bronson Automatic Men Watch to show off the intricate details of the timepiece. 

2. Matchmake Your Fossil Watch with Other Accessories

The next phase in pairing your watch with your outfit is getting the colours right. As with any accessory, you’ll want to complement the colours of your clothing instead of having them awkwardly clash with each other. There are a few tips to help you achieve an effortless look. 

The easiest way is to always take the monotonous path. For instance, you can wear an all-black (white, navy, or whichever shade that takes your fancy) for a formal event and pair it with a watch in the same colour. Following this rule of thumb can be especially fun if you’re sporting a look that is less of a traditional hue, such as maroon or green. 

Another way to keep a fluid but the less formal colour scheme is to head a little south for inspiration. Consider the colours of your belt and shoes and opt for a timepiece with a strap or dial in the same shade – voilà your outfit will end up looking rather well-put together. Of course, you can always go for complementary colours: pairing your navy blue top with brown leather like the Fossil FS5900 Machine 3 Hands Date Quartz Analog Men Watch to receive plenty of approving nods. 

3. Size Matters

Contrary to popular belief, size does matter when it comes to wrist watches. A large wrist with a small watch could throw off your proportions, whereas a thin wrist that sports a large watch face could risk you looking a little sloppy. Thus, you should always pick a watch that fits your outfit and your frame. 

Generally speaking, thinner watches like the Fossil FS5459 The Minimalist Slim 3 Hands Quartz Men Watch are best paired with more formal suits and shirts since they need to fit well and smoothly glide on and off your jackets. Bigger and bulkier timepieces should always be reserved for occasions where your sleeves are rolled up or less casual events. 

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