Solvil et Titus: Finding Swiss Romance In Singapore

Solvil et Titus was founded in Switzerland in 1887 by legendary watchmaker and inventor Paul Bernard Ditisheim, and is famous for its timekeeping precision. In the 1970s and 1980s, the company was bought over and shifted to Hong Kong where it has flourished into one of Asia’s most popular watch brands for everyday, mid-range, and entry luxury timepieces. Their commercials starring superstars such as Chow Yun Fat, Andy Lau, and Anita Mui have remained iconic while cementing the brand’s romantic image. Dive into the beauty of Solvil et Titus watches in Singapore.

“Time is Love”: Memories in every timepiece 

Love and romance go right to the heart of Solvil et Titus’ charm, encapsulated by their “Time is Love” ethos. Their watches are perfect for every wearer and occasion, carrying your love and memories no matter the time or place. Their men’s watches are sleek, elegant, and eye-catching without being too flashy, whereas their women’s watches are precise, functional timepieces with romantic and feminine silhouettes that will last through the years.

Solvil et Titus collections in every style and preference can be found at City Chain’s online platform and physical stores in Singapore, so finding your dream watch is easier than ever. Here are some Solvil et Titus collections to have on your radar:

1. Ring & Knot

Ring & Knot

Credit: @citychainsg on Instagram

Solvil et Titus’ Ring & Knot collection is their most iconic collection, bearing a Chinese Love Knot design in the metal bracelet symbolising endless love. The elegant curves of the knot make a powerful romantic statement for the ages, and the dial has a distinctive diamond pattern symbolising eternity. Make an unforgettable statement in rose gold and silver white with the Ring & Knot 2 Hands Quartz Women Watch.

 2. Barista


Credit: @citychainsg on Instagram

For a simpler everyday option, look to Solvil et Titus’ Barista collection with a sleek and simple barrel case design. Each watch comes with day and night display movement, adding a dreamy touch to the mundane passage of time. Both men’s and women’s watches are available, making them a subtle option for couples who want to match. Check out the Barista Multi-Function Quartz Men Watch and Barista Multi-Function Quartz Women Watch to get started on your couples’ collection.

3. Nordic Tale

nordic tale

Credit: City Chain

Despite its historic origins, Solvil et Titus has kept up with the changing times and trends. The Nordic Tale collection blends minimalist and modern Scandinavian-inspired design with Swiss simplicity. The Nordic Tale Multi-Function Quartz Men Watch and Nordic Tale 3 Hands Quartz Women Watch are simple yet functional pieces to add to your everyday ensemble.

4. Fair Lady


Credit: City Chain

Some timepieces are meant to be seen by others, and the Solvil et Titus Fair Lady collection falls neatly into this category. Each ladies watch is brimming with feminine elements including a crystal case and pearl decorations, while remaining functional and sophisticated. Whether you’re dressing up or down, a watch like the Fair Lady 3 Hands Quartz Women Watch will imbue your look with class and confidence.

Explore the beauty of Solvil et Titus at City Chain Singapore

Solvil et Titus watches are a romantic and timeless match for any occasion - whether that’s everyday wear with an elevated aesthetic, a gift for that special someone, or a unique piece to echo the beauty of the wearer.

Wondering where to buy authentic Solvil et Titus’ watches in Singapore? City Chain has a wide range of timepieces in its physical and online stores, and our in-house QC procedures ensure only authentic pieces arrive in your hands with the best prices attached. With our e-commerce option and secure payment system, you can now browse and select from authentic models without any worry. Shop Solvil et Titus at City Chain Singapore today.