CASIO's Baby-G: An Iconic Game-Changer In Women's Watches

Traditionally many women’s watches have emphasised sleek curves, elegant designs, and minimal functionality in order to create a more ‘feminine’ appearance. But that all changed in 1994 when CASIO released their groundbreaking game-changer - the CASIO Baby-G.

Inspired by CASIO’s famous G-Shock men’s watches that had come out in 1983, the Baby-G set a new standard for women’s watches with its active, sporty designs and useful functionality.

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Blending Style and Toughness 

The key point of CASIO’s Baby-G has always been to empower women with a timepiece that has the same toughness and resistance as the G-Shock, while appealing more to women’s needs and tastes.

The Baby-G has the same “Triple 10” qualities as its masculine counterpart - a 10 year battery life, 10 bar water resistance, and 10 metre fall resistance. Though these may be ‘normal’ expectations for a sporty women’s watch today, we have the Baby-G to thank for normalising these functions for women wearers. Some key features you might find in your Baby-G today:

  • Solar charging batteries
  • Stopwatch measurements with lap/split time
  • World time across different cities or regions
  • Tide graphs for swimmers and surfers alike
  • Step trackers to help you meet your fitness goals

At the same time, the Baby-G has some style and appearance differences from the G-shock line. The cases are downsized and less bulk to better suit women’s wrists, and Baby-G watches come in lighter colours with more vibrant designs too. Whether you’re looking for a full-on sporty model for adventures through the outdoors or a more sophisticated option that can take you from weekday work  to weekend play, the different Baby-G lines have what you need:

1. The G-MS: For a sporty and sophisticated timepiece

The Baby-G G-MS series was created with the tough yet polished spirit of an independent woman in mind. Each watch comes with a flat bezel and distinct 3D bar indexes to add a subtle yet bold tough to its design. The G-MS line even a luxurious metal finishing on its stainless steel bezels to transform these timepieces into something that would be just at home in the office as it would be outdoors.

CASIO Baby-G G-MS watches featured:

2. The BA-130: For an everyday accessory

If you’re looking for something simple and straightforward for everyday wear, the Baby-G BA-130 watch is the right fit for you. Its chunky casing and bright colours give each piece a youthful look, with a touch of metallic finish on the face to help it avoid looking childish. Coming in a variety of colourways, the BA-130 is a 

CASIO Baby-G BA-130 watches featured:

3. The BGD-560: For a minimalistic throwback

The Baby-G BGD-560 series is based on the earlier BGD-500 series, and is a recreation of the very first DW-520 Baby-G model. With its squarish face, pared-down design, and matte finish, these watches exude retro chic. A simple monotone colourway also means you can pair them with just about any outfit or style - perfect for a casual day out.

CASIO Baby-G BGD-520 watches featured:

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