A Closer Look At The Solvil Et Titus Bravo Collection

Since its founding in Switzerland in 1887, Solvil et Titus has always strived to design and craft contemporary timepieces that honour craftsmanship and attention to detail. New life is breathed into traditional watch design elements and features in order to create versatile statement pieces that adapt seamlessly to your own personal style.

The Solvil et Titus Bravo is one such collection that strikes the fine balance between technical appreciation and aesthetic appeal. This range of men’s chronograph quartz watches showcases just what watch aficionados and enthusiasts love about the traditional chronograph: a straightforward and balanced design, with just the right amount of distinct design flair.

Join us as we take a closer look at the Solvil et Titus Bravo, or explore more Solvil et Titus watch collections online in our online watch shop.

Honouring Bravery and Fortitude in a Timepiece

Originating from the Italian bravo meaning “brave”, “bravo” is one of the most well known praises, affirmations, or interjections in the English language today. 

With the word’s courageous and tenacious roots in mind, Solvil et Titus has created a watch collection dedicated to the ones who have the drive and determination to push past their limits and go the distance. The Bravo honours those who face setbacks and obstacles in the eye, and decide that today is not the day that they’re going to keep up. It salutes those who work hard, play hard, and burn their inner fire bright throughout all of the ups and downs of their journey to the finish line.

Athleticism is just part of the equation – tenacity and drive are what completes the inspirational strength the Bravo is meant to emulate.

If you are looking for a bold and confident watch that can complete any look across any occasion, the Bravo is the right fit for you. 

Traditional Design Elements Anchored in Modern Style

The chronograph has been reimagined time and time again – but here’s the Bravo’s take on it. The two sub-dials are arranged symmetrically, displaying the seconds and hours for all-day precision timekeeping. As can be seen in the SOLVIL ET TITUS BRAVO W06-03236-001 CHRONOGRAPH QUARTZ MEN WATCH and SOLVIL ET TITUS BRAVO W06-03236-006 CHRONOGRAPH QUARTZ MEN WATCH, a dedicated display at the bottom of the dial displays the current date in a larger size for one-look easy visibility regardless of dial colour and design. 

Stainless steel and leather band options offer you greater versatility when putting together an outfit that channels your inner fortitude, letting you mix and match your choice of watch depending on the occasion. Channel mid-century modernity with the umber brown worn leather of the SOLVIL ET TITUS BRAVO W06-03236-010 CHRONOGRAPH QUARTZ MEN WATCH, or groove with the retro-inspired lines of the SOLVIL ET TITUS BRAVO W06-03236-020 CHRONOGRAPH QUARTZ LEATHER MEN WATCH.

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