5 Outdoor Watches You Need For Your Post-Pandemic Travels

Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic began in early 2020, Singaporeans have been eagerly waiting to restart travelling once it’s safe to do so. There’s no time like the present to start planning for future trips - starting with finding an outdoor watch you can take anywhere in the world. Even if you’re just travelling around Singapore, having a durable and reliable outdoor watch is essential. Start planning for your future adventures with a useful reminder you can wear around your wrist!

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What to look for in travel-friendly watches

There are some important features you should look out for in outdoor watches:

  • Shock-resistance and water-resistance
  • World time or calendar options to help keep track of time zones
  • Flexible and comfortable strap options to suit every occasion

Not sure what watch suits you best? Check out our top 5 picks for outdoor watches at City Chain:

1. Casio G-Shock Special Colour Models Blue Watch

Casio G-Shock Special Colour Models Blue Watch

Credit: @citychainsg on Instagram

Intrepid urban adventurers can’t go wrong with a classic brand like Casio G-Shock. G-Shock watches are known for durability, and are available in a wide range of colours. The Casio G-Shock Special Colour Models Blue Watch has that iconic toughness and shock resistance that will stick with you through Singapore and beyond, with a sleek dark navy carbon/resin case and both analogue and digital timekeeping. It even comes with 200 meter water resistance, world time (31 time zones), alarms, and a full auto-calendar.

2. Casio Baby-G G-MS White Pink Watch

Casio Baby-G G-MS White Pink Watch

Credit: City Chain

Social butterflies who want Instagram-ready travel outfits can check out Casio’s Baby-G range. Baby-G’s affordable  women’s watches pair the G-Shock’s tough exteriors with feminine colours and silhouettes. The Casio Baby-G G-MS White Pink Watch combines sportiness and practicality, with 100 meter water resistance, shock resistant casing, and analogue and digital timekeeping. The pink gold ion plated case makes it a flexible accessory for any outfit, and has features like world time (31 time zones), 5 daily alarms, and a full auto-calendar.

3. Fossil Forrester Chronograph Quartz Men Watch

Fossil Forrester Chronograph Quartz Men Watch

Credit: City Chain

Outdoor enthusiasts will appreciate the rugged beauty of the Fossil Forrester Chronograph Quartz Men Watch. Known for quality affordable timepieces,Fossil watches can last for several years with no problems. The Forrester has a tough vintage-inspired design that can withstand the elements, with 50 meter water resistance. Elegant touches like a leather strap and chronograph display give it a sleek look for seamless transition from nature to nightclub.

4. Kapten & Son Chrono “Black Midnight Steel” Unisex Watch

Kapten & Son Chrono “Black Midnight Steel” Unisex Watch

Credit: City Chain

Kapten & Son is a newcomer to the affordable luxury scene with designs that reimagine classic silhouettes for a trendier, younger crowd. The Kapten & Son Chrono “Black Midnight Steel” Unisex Watch is ideal for the subtle traveller who wants something minimalist yet practical and reliable. The watch comes with a classic chronograph display, 50 meter water resistance, and a durable scratch resistant stainless steel case and strap.

5. Casio Edifice Smartphone Link Men Watch

Casio Edifice Smartphone Link Men Watch

Credit: City Chain

For those whose jobs and lives take them all around the globe, the Casio Edifice Smartphone Link Men Watch has a high-performance design that pairs with your smartphone over Bluetooth for added functionality. The Edifice line is synonymous with precision timekeeping, and frequent fliers will appreciate the flight mode, world time (38 time zones including Daylight Savings), and home city/world time city swapping.

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