4 Solvil et Titus Watches For Office Ladies


Just like your bags and jewellery, watches are most definitely great accessories for a woman to invest in. Not only can they help you tell time, but they also have the ability of elevating your ensemble for the day. So, even when you are dressed down on Fridays in a simple t-shirt and jeans, having the right women’s watch offers your outfit an added class. 

But with an extensive variety of women’s watches available in the market, which then would suit you best? Fret not, as in this article, we have curated a list of four Solvil et Titus watches that we think would suit you best. 

Solvil et Titus Classicist W06-03253-002 3 Hands Date Quartz Women Watch

Designed for simple everyday life, the Solvil et Titus Classicist’s classic design is perfect for complementing any get-up. This classic watch with a traditional profile will look as good in ten years as it does on the day you bought it. Plus, it will still be keeping time accurately thanks to its reliable quartz movement – this means it requires minimal maintenance on your end! 

A date indication at 3 o’clock means you have a lesser chance of forgetting birthdays or anniversaries. Functionable and fashionable with its wearable 30mm rose gold-coloured case, the watch creates an aura of contemporary elegance. Combined with a dark brown leather strap, the Solvil et Titus Classicist Women Watch is one of refined sophistication. 

Solvil Et Titus Interlude W06-03264-001 Multi-Function Quartz Women Watch

When it comes to picking out a watch that you can wear on a daily basis for work, most would want something that feels business-like whilst still letting your personality shine. Introducing the Solvil Et Titus Interlude W06-03264-001 Multi-Function Quartz Women Watch, a watch that is suitable for corporate settings, with not much bling, but still unique and compelling. 

With a case size of 35mm, the watch is still unobtrusive and rather inconspicuous – the perfect work-friendly timepiece.  

Whether it be your next business trip or a client meeting at the cafe, this watch lets all the office ladies exude the confidence and poise they need to get through the work day. Available in silver- and gold-coloured mesh straps at City Chain Singapore, the colour combinations let you pick according to your style preference or skin tone. 

Solvil Et Titus The Letter W06-03266-001 3 Hands Quartz Leather Women Watch

For the fashionistas and trend-setting office ladies, we know having a watch that tells the time is only half of what you want. What you also want out of a watch is one that is designed to take you to black-tie events as well. You are looking for a watch that exudes high-fashion flair. 

And the Solvil Et Titus The Letter W06-03266-001 3 Hands Quartz Leather watch for ladies is just the one for you. Expressed through classic Art Deco geometries of Solvil et Titus watch in the 1930s, this classic watch design takes on a contemporary interpretation. For instance, the refined dial frames itself with a bezel under the arch of sapphire crystal glass – the best material for dial faces. 

Set poised on a square case, this romantically-designed watch is certainly one for the jewellery box. Sporting a dainty 28mm case and an assortment of strap colour combinations, all of them are dark-coloured to convey enduring allure whilst celebrating fashionable elegance. Whether you are decked in a sleek work ensemble or a dress for partying after work, the Solvil et Titus Love Letter watch for the ladies definitely has the potential to elevate any outfit. 

Solvil Et Titus Sonvilier W06-03167-002 3 Hands Date Automatic Women Watch

If you are not ready for splurging on a six-figure timepiece, but you don’t mind stretching to three, then the Solvil et Titus Sonvilier 3 Hands Automatic Watch for the ladies is worthy of your attention. 

Definitely not short as a fashion factor, the gold and silver straps lend a luxurious look to the overall watch design. At 31.5mm in width, the round face comes with three hands for timing seconds, minutes, and hours – everything a girl could ever ask for in a watch. Complemented with a stainless steel case, this means the watch is likely rust-resistant and hypoallergenic. 

Get To Work Fashionably On Time

As with any accessory, when it comes to watches for the ladies, there are as many styles as there are preferences. For instance, dress watches like the Solvil et Titus Ring & Knot range are intended for formal attire, whilst casual watches from the Solvil et Titus Interlude series can be worn while on your errand run. 

Ultimately, what matters most is that you like the style. Choose a watch that you can identify with, one that resonates with your identity or aesthetic, and your outfit will be instantly elevated. Shop the latest Solvil et Titus watches for ladies from Singapore today!