4 Casio G-SHOCK Watches For The Perfect Father's Day Present

It’s finally June which means only one thing: Father’s Day is right around the corner, and it’s time to get your dad something special to show him how much you appreciate all that he does.

However shopping for a present for your dad can feel awkward or difficult – especially since many Singaporean dads don’t tend to show their emotions very much and may even prefer practical rather than sentimental gifts.

One way to gift your dad a functional present that still holds emotional signfiicance is to get him a watch. Watches aren’t just practical accessories that you use on a daily basis, but can hold wonderful sentimental meaning depending on who you receive the watch from.

And for dads who value practicality above all, you can’t go wrong with a classic Casio G-SHOCK watch. Here are 4 CASIO G-SHOCK watches that might make a great gift idea this Father’s Day:

1. Casio G-SHOCK DW-5600BB-1DR Special Color Models Black Watch

If your dad prefers simple, straightforward, and pared-down watches with just the bare minimum in functionality, the Casio G-SHOCK DW-5600BB-1DR Special Color Models Black Watch will be a good fit on his wrist.

Coming in a digital display with a resin case and band and matte black finish, this watch has the G-SHOCK’s renowned “Triple 10” resistance and just a handful of other basic functions. This includes a 1/100-second stopwatch, countdown timer, flash alert, and multi-function alarm – everything your dad might need on a daily basis without getting too extravagant.

2. Casio G-SHOCK GA-2110ET-8ADR Special Colour Models Grey Watch

For a dad who can appreciate the accessorising value of watches while still preferring to stay lowkey, there’s the Casio G-SHOCK GA-2110ET-8ADR Special Colour Models Grey Watch. This watch comes from the Earth Tone Colour Series and combines the classic G-SHOCK tough design with new updated designs and hues to suit more everyday fashion.

The double-molded bezel of this design comes in either dark navy blue or a stormy grey, with a lightweight case and bezel made out of carbon-resin blend. The digital display includes double LED light with super illuminator capabilities, world time across 31 time zones, and up to 200-meter water resistance for enhanced durability.

3. Casio G-SHOCK Sports GBX100NS-4DR Digital Black Watch

If your dad loves being out by the sea – whether that’s to get his heart racing with watersports or to enjoy a leisurely stroll down the shore – then he’ll appreciate the Casio G-SHOCK Sports GBX100NS-4DR Digital Black Watch. Coming from the G-LIDE series of extreme sports watches, this watch reimagines the classic Casio G-SHOCK GBX-100 with all-new night surfing designs. 

A high-resolution MIP LCD screen also enhances the display readability even when the sun isn’t fully out yet, with graphic displays of tide graphs, moon data, high tide and low tide times, tide levels, and sunrise and sunset times. The digital display can even be paired with a phone application to sync and reflect this information from 3,300 locations worldwide. A high-impact guard structure also ensures this watch can withstand any adrenaline-pumping surfing session out at sea, while stainless steel detailing on the case and bezel ensures it remains refined and elegant.

4. Casio G-SHOCK G-Steel GST-B500D-1ADR Solar Men Watch

At first glance you might be surprised to see a Casio G-SHOCK watch that looks like the Casio G-SHOCK G-Steel GST-B500D-1ADR Solar Men Watch. Coming in a stainless steel case, band, and bezel, the design of this watch echoes the classic men’s watches from other brands such as Omega or even Rolex – making it a sophisticated addition to any dad’s accessory drawer.

Apart from the typical Casio G-SHOCK “Triple 10” features, this watch can be paired with a smartphone app via Bluetooth to access added capabilities like auto time adjustment and even a phone finder feature.

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