3 Reasons To Get Yourself A Frederique Constant Watch

Timepiece enthusiasts in Singapore who are on the lookout for a new brand to add to their collection may want to turn their attention to Frederique Constant soon if they haven’t already yet.

This Swiss maker was only established in 1988 - easily at least a century after bigger names such as Rolex – but has become renowned worldwide for their blending of Swiss watchmaking techniques with cutting-edge computer design software technology. With their keen focus on blending the old with the new, Frederique Constant has become a brand-to-watch for those who want to see traditional techniques modernised to keep up with the times.

Here are some reasons why their watches deserve a spot in your collection:

1. Accessible Swiss luxury for all

Frederique Constant has prided themselves on bringing Swiss watchmaking luxury to a broader audience through accessible prices. The brand is involved through every stage of the watch production process from initial design to final assembly, ensuring the highest-grade production and quality.

You can get pieces like the Frederique Constant FC-206MPWD1S6B Slimline Ladies Moonphase (featured) and Frederique Constant FC-335MC4P6 Classics Men Heart Beat Moonphase (featured) for under $3,000 – making them an ideal option for a first-time luxury buyer or collector.

On top of that each watch is still designed and handmade at their international headquarters and workshop in Geneva, ensuring you get only the finest timepieces possible. With a keen focus on maintaining a classical and traditional look to their timepieces, their  watches are made to last throughout the years and elevate your personal style and value to the next level.

Their most prestigious collection is the Manufacture which reflects the brand’s skilled technical know-how and top mechanical expertise. Featuring alligator or crococalf leather straps, see-through crystal case backs, and other intricate details, pieces like the Frederique Constant FC-72WR3S6 Slimline Men Power Reserve Manufacture are sure to be a standout in your collection.

2. Cutting-edge blend of old and new traditions

Featured: Frederique Constant FC-312G4S4 Men Slimline Heart Beat Automatic

The cornerstone of Frederique Constant’s philosophy is to push traditional Swiss watchmaking tradition to new heights through the use of cutting-edge design technology.

Their Designers use software to build each watch model layer by layer for razor-sharp precision – from the smallest plates in the movement to the straps that will come to adorn the wearer’s wrist. Prototypes are further finetuned using CNC machines by company Engineers, and the watch is finished off with hand-done details resulting in a stunning one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

All movements used by the brand are also manufactured and assembled in-house in line with the standards of other Swiss watchmaking giants. Frederique Constant has produced over 30 in-house calibers to date starting with the FC-910 Hand-winding Heart Beat Manufacture (2004) to the most recent FC-810 Automatic Manufacture with date and power reserve indication (2021).

3. Boundary-pushing Smart luxury watches

Apart from their classic analogue collections like the Heart Beat Moonphase Date, Highlife, and Slimline Ladies Moonphase, Frederique Constant is also pioneering a new generation of luxury smartwatches.

Their Smartwatch Vitality collection comes with features such as direct heart rate measurement and real-time analysis via the Frederique Constant Smartwatch phone application. The application even includes distance tracking, fitness tracking, and dynamic goal and coaching systems to enable you to optimise your smartwatch usage.

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