3 Best Seiko Presage Open Heart Watches To Buy

Despite the rise of digital and smart watches, there is still something a little magical and romantic about an automatic watch movement. Think a myriad of parts moving in harmony to keep track of time. Coupled with an open-heart design, you’ll catch a glimpse as the magic of the watch unfolds in front of your very eyes. 

Experience the magic of an automatic watch movement with our top three Seiko Presage open-heart watches. Marvel at the harmonious movements of the numerous parts as they keep track of time. Each of these watches boasts high-quality construction and a sleek design, all at an affordable price, ensuring you find the perfect open-heart watch for your wrist.

What Makes A Seiko Open Heart Watch Unique? 

Learn about open-heart watches before exploring our favourites. For those unfamiliar, an open-heart watch showcases its inner workings through a small window on the dial. Typically, the balance wheel, which drives the hands with its back-and-forth motion, is visible through this window. The balance wheel serves as the "heart" of the watch, hence its name: open-heart watch.

Many watch enthusiasts love open-heart watches for the opportunity to admire the movement without sacrificing the overall watch design.

1. Seiko Presage SSA412J1 Automatic Open-Heart Men Watch

The Seiko Presage SSA 412J1 is a rather understated and stylish dress watch that looks great on any wrist. Labelled and billed as a men’s watch, we think this Seiko Presage model is also perfect for ladies who like an open-heart design. 

At just 38.3mm, this Seiko Presage is a relatively small piece combining silver and rose gold in a two-tone design, with the rose gold extending onto the dial’s markings and hands, complemented by the watch’s clean white face. Despite having a smaller diameter, its open-heart design still offers wearers great insight into the watch’s movement. All its workings and dials are then sealed into dual-curved premium-grade sapphire crystal, making it more resistant to scratches. 

2. Seiko Presage SSA439J1 Cocktail Time "Blue Acapulco" Automatic Men Watch

Anyone familiar with the Seiko Cocktail Time range will know just how exquisitely beautiful the watches in this collection are, so you’re definitely in for a treat with this one. 

At a 40.5mm diameter, the Seiko Presage SSA439J1 is an excellent size for a men’s dress watch, combining a silver stainless steel case with an ombre-looking dial. The dial colour has a slight patterning as well to accentuate the variations of blue, in turn, creating lovely effects in the daylight or under the light. 

The open-heart complements the overall watch design well, with a hint of gold and silver peeking through. A high-quality movement drives the watch’s functions, with everything encased within a Hardlex crystal. The watch also comes with water resistance of 50m and a logo-encrusted crown to round off this elegant timepiece. 

3. Seiko Presage SSA453J1 Style 60s Automatic Men Watch

Our last pick for this roundup features a throwback to the 60s with the retro-styled Seiko Presage SA453J1. This is the most premium of the three Seiko Presage open-heart watches we’ve covered and the last of our picks in this roundup. 

This 40.8mm piece is a great size for wearers with large and small wrists alike. The watch design combines a denim blue dial, a blue bezel, and a calfskin leather band to deliver that retro look and feel. Unlike the other open-heart watches featured above, the open-heart design of this timepiece is matched alongside a second window – a 12/24 hour indicator. The open-heart itself is framed against a yellow backdrop. Specs-wise, you’ll be enjoying the brand’s 4R39 movement, Hardlex crystal, and 50m water resistance.

Buy Seiko Presage Open Heart Watch At City Chain Singapore 

There is nothing like an automatic watch movement and no better way to appreciate it than through an open-heart watch. While many may think open-heart timepieces are pricey, thanks to renowned brands like Seiko, there are a variety of affordable options available out there. 

Offering customers a wide range of styles and models to choose from, you can now buy your next Seiko Presage open-heart watch online at City Chain Singapore or in person at any of their physical stores