City Chain Bencoolen Watch Shop

Take your watch-buying experience to the next level with a visit to a City Chain outlet at Bencoolen. With our watch shop situated along this tree-lined boulevard dotted with high-end hotels, it’s the ideal spot for locals and international visitors to find a premium timepiece. Surrounded by subway stations and some of Singapore’s most famous landmarks, men and women who seek the finer things in life will feel at home at City Chain’s Bencoolen watch shop.

From the moment you step inside, you’ll quickly discover how we stock many of the world’s most desirable luxury watchmakers. Our Bencoolen shop also carries special limited edition watch collections that mean customers can purchase a piece of history that is hard to find anywhere else. For buyers looking to enhance their personal collection, dropping into our watch store in Bencoolen presents fascinating opportunities for discerning shoppers.

To help you select the perfect timepiece – for you or your loved ones – our highly experienced in-house retail staff at Bencoolen as well as those at our other outlets will guide you through the entire process. Even if you don’t consider yourself a watch connoisseur, we can help you make the best decision for your budget. For a watch shop that provides the best possible service, head to City Chain today.

About Us

City Chain has been helping luxury shoppers find their ideal watch since 1985. Originally launched in Hong Kong, City Chain quickly developed an esteemed reputation throughout the region. With more than 35 years of experience, we’ve now opened close to 300 stores across China, Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore. 

Stocking incredible timepieces for men and women, our retail stores feature sophisticated watches from the likes of Alba, Seiko, Hugo Boss, and Timex. Whether you’re looking for a low-key wristwatch or a flashy statement piece, visit your nearest City Chain to find the perfect watch today.