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    Shop Rugged Nixon Watches at City Chain Singapore

    For a modern watchmaker pushing the artform’s design limits, Nixon has proved time and time again to impress customers around the globe. Founded in Encinitas, California in 1997, Nixon takes attractive inspiration from the world of surfing and snowboarding, with youthful designs delivering a unique aesthetic across clothing, accessories and bags. 

    In recent years, Nixon has become especially admired for its collection of analog and digital watches. Featuring audacious styles constructed from innovative materials, including recycled ocean plastics, wearing a Nixon watch every day is bound to grab attention wherever you go. With many of the brand’s designs built with sporty intentions, Nixon watches for men and women are great for leading an active lifestyle.

    If you like to tackle the hustle and bustle of life head-on, choosing to wear a rugged Nixon watch ensures your timepiece handles the journey with ease. Ready to try a Nixon watch in Singapore? Head to your nearest City Chain store today to experience the weight and feel of these durable watches.

    Find the perfect Nixon Watch Today

    If you’re excited to purchase a Nixon watch in Singapore, there’s no shortage of options. The Nixon Ripley is one of the brand’s best-selling digital watches that elevates the lifestyles of those who love to explore the outdoors. Featuring digital time, temperature, and altitude readings, the Nixon Ripley also has an easy-to-read three-hand analog movement. Plus, you can even turn off the digital elements using ‘City Mode’, giving your watch a sleeker look when you’re out on the town.

    You can’t look past the Nixon Heat for a slim athletic option. Featuring an 8mm case design and a breathable strap, this digital watch is ideal for users who spend plenty of time swimming laps or lifting weights in the gym. Alongside sporty functions like a custom LCD module and timer options, the Nixon Heat keeps track of your exercise regime while ensuring you look good at peak performance.

    Nixon also produces outstanding watches for women. The Nixon Siren is a heavily surf-inspired option that proudly showcases its sustainable features. Made from recycled plastic that would have otherwise ended up in the ocean, this Nixon watch for women perfectly complements activewear with high/low tide functionality, a chronograph and a countdown timer. Comfortable and stylish, this dynamic Nixon watch is incredible for those who stay on the move.

    Explore Nixon Watches at City Chain Singapore

    Take home a stylish, eco-conscious Nixon watch today from City Chain. Founded in Hong Kong in 1985, we’ve become one of Asia’s top destinations for premium-quality watches. With dozens of stores in China, Thailand and Malaysia, we now offer 16 locations across Singapore. 

    Renowned for our top-notch customer service and remarkable range of high-end watch brands, you can find the perfect timepiece for yourself or a loved one at City Chain. Supported by our strict quality control and helpful advice, finding an eye-catching watch for a great price is wonderfully simple.

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