National Day Edition

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    National Day Edition

    Limited Edition- Singapore 57th National Day Collection

    Roaring against all odds and having evolved as a global financial center, Singapore proudly celebrates its 57th National Day! As such, Solvil et Titus is joining in on the celebrations with the launch of limited-edition watches featuring elements from the annual National Day Parade and the city’s iconic mythical Merlion.

    This limited-edition collection comprises three stylish and sleek models which are the Saber Chronograph Quartz Stainless Steel Watch [W06-03290-001] & [W06-03290-002] and the Classicist 3 Hands Date Quartz Leather Watch [W06-03289-001].

    Limited Edition Saber Chronograph Quartz Stainless Steel Watch [W06-03290-001] & [W06-03290-002]

    The Solvil et Titus Saber Chronograph Quartz Stainless Steel Watch is available in either black or silver and has hints of red to add further emphasis on its stunning features. It also has a 24-hour sub dial and a crown that is decorated with lion head symbols. To add on, the five stars that have been shiningly etched on the back of the watch represent Singapore’s ideals of democracy, peace, progress, justice and equality.

    Limited Edition Classicist 3 Hands Date Quartz Leather Watch [W06-03289-001]

    On the other hand, the Solvil et Titus Classicist 3 Hands Date Quartz Leather Watch is a perfect addition for both men and women who prefer a side of sophistication for their wardrobe. Similar to the other models in the collection, the dial and crown of this timepiece is imprinted with a lion head symbol. It too, has splashes of reds on its features, such as the five stars on its dial and the stitching on its straps.

    However, what makes this model truly unique is the detailed arrowhead engraving on the back of the watch that is inspired by the aerial display during the yearly National day parade.

    57 Limited Edition Pieces

    To mark Singapore’s 57 years of independence, both Saber Chronograph Stainless Steel models are only limited to 57 pieces each, whereas the Classicist Leather model is limited to only 200 pieces. All three timepieces come with running serial numbers and a certificate to ensure its authenticity.

    With the two distinctive design concepts in this Singapore exclusive collection, Solvil et Titus aims to appeal to a wide spectrum of preferences. Reflecting the unique charm of Singapore, this collection is a memoir of the country’s independence, as well as a celebration of the pride and unity of its people.