Solvil et Titus x DragonBall Z !

Introducing the universes first Solvil et Titus x Dragon Ball Z limited-edition timepiece series. Watches that redefine the epic masterpiece whose universal themes sparked a million moving stories in the hearts of its fans.

Rekindle the flame of nostalgia with these limited-run keepsakes that, each in their own way, mark the passing of time, the rounds of every battle and the quest to keep hope alive in the face of bitter defeat.

Each battle is a badge of profound loyalty. And so is each watch in this collection.


Announcing Solvil et Tituss limited-edition timepiece collaboration with the timeless classic manga “Dragon Ball Z”.

The collection weaves story elements and iconic personality traits of the main characters into each timepieces design. Immortalise the blood, sweat and tears of each characters journey and sport them, for all time, on your wrist.

The limited-edition pieces inspired by Super Saiyan” to express the theme of Goku” protecting the Earth. While seven more designs embodying Goku”, Son Gohan”, Vegeta”, Frieza”, Buu”, Cell” and Shenron” round out this collection that will surely be treasured for all time.




Presenting Solvil et Titus’s limited-edition timepiece collaboration with the classic manga “Dragon Ball Z”. Each watch comes with a laser card as the certificate of authenticity, an exclusive watch box and a tote bag. In addition, limited sets (a set of 7 Dragon Ball Z protagonists) with the same numbered watch sets provides a sense of excitement to diehard Dragon Ball Z fans.
During the promotion period, a limited-edition watch cloth will also be given out. Supply of gifts is limited and available while stocks last only.