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      If you are looking for a multi-functional timepiece that can take you from the boardroom to the ocean’s murky depths in style, the Seiko Prospex collection is your answer.

      In the pursuit of inventing reliable and safe timepieces that are water-resistant and ready for extreme subaquatic explorations, Seiko took its first plunge into the world with Japan’s first professional diver’s watches in 1965. Since then, the brand constantly makes extraordinary strides forward, pushes boundaries, and redefines the global standards of watchmaking.

      From divers to mountain climbers, Seiko Prospex has watches designed to keep up with your active lifestyle. The Seiko Prospex Alpinist Series is perfect for mountain climbers, while Seiko Prospex Solar, Seiko Prospex Samurai, and Seiko Prospex Tuna are engineered to let you make waves with every lap or dive you take.

      Having graced the wrists of many generations in Singapore and beyond, Seiko has made a name for itself as a watchmaker that is always one step ahead of the rest. Its innovative spirit has paved the way for many new interpretations over the decades – and is precisely what makes the Seiko Prospex collection the icon it is today.

      Seiko Prospex Turtle: A Legacy of Horological Build Quality and Innovation

      Striking the perfect balance between reliability, affordability and performance, the Seiko Turtle is dubbed one of the most defining models in the Prospex collection. Equipped with luminescent hands that glow in the dark so that you can always see the time, the Seiko Prospex Turtle is perfect for divers who like to take a dip into the cool waters without having to remove their watch.

      Built with a stop-seconds mechanism, the Seiko Turtle delivers accuracy and precision that no other mechanical diver’s watch could match – making it the perfect accompaniment for the high achievers who strive for extreme precision in their daily lives.

      The Seiko Prospex Turtle is one that is highly coveted among watch enthusiasts and sea-dwellers alike in Singapore. Every model of the Seiko Turtle released after 2016 is powered by a solid in-house calibre 4R36, an automatic movement that offers over 40 hours of power reserve, coupled with hacking and hand-winding functionality. In 2016, Seiko also collaborated with PADI, a world-renowned scuba diving organisation, and released the Seiko Prospex Turtle PADI line with their “Save the Ocean” series. Discover watches like the Seiko Samurai Save The Ocean Diving Watch with an in-house calibre of 4R35.

      For divers and watch-wearers who find the usual Seiko Turtle designs to be too big on their wrist, fret not. Seiko also released a line of watches – Seiko Prospex Mini Turtle – that are slightly smaller with a case diameter of 42.3mm, without compromising on the overall design of the original Seiko Turtle.

      Seiko Prospex Sumo: Robustness Beyond Any Limits

      Solidly made to withstand life’s beating and battering, the Seiko Sumo is a heavyweight powerhouse known for its unbeatable durability and lasting excellence. Designed with robust capabilities – minus all the bells and whistles – the Seiko Sumo truly lives up to what the brand is all about: practicality above all else.

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