What Is The Difference Between Casio G-Shock and Casio Baby G Watches?

When we think about a watch that can match our tough and active lifestyle, there is no doubt that the Casio G-Shock and Baby-G are one of the top few watch brands that come to mind. Not only are these two series of watches remarkably similar, but they are also both tough and durable. They are designed to withstand many of the large falls and impacts that might break other watches. Both G-Shock and Baby-G watches can be used in water and have sleek designs that set them apart from other watches. 

While the two series of watches have some similarities, several unique differences set them apart. We’ve put together a list that will help you make a better purchase decision, read on for more! 

Analysing The Differences

Casio's G-Shock watches have larger faces and a rugged appearance that may not appeal to many women. As a result, Casio introduced the Baby-G series, a smaller feminine version of the G-Shock, targeted specifically at active women. 

However, the most common concerns that people have when deciding between Baby-G and G-Shock are its durability and whether the size increases the risk of it breaking easily. 

The Size, Style, And Looks

When it comes to the design and styling, Casio Baby-G watches differ from G-Shocks in terms of its size, strap length, a slightly different watch face, Baby-G branding, more styles and colours that would suit both genders, and versatility.

As mentioned earlier, Baby-G watches are smaller than G-Shocks, and they come in a variety of designs ranging from feminine to rugged. Hence, when compared to a G-Shock, purchasing a Baby-G gives you more flexibility to match it with any of your outfits. In addition, because Baby-G watches are smaller, they are perfect for people with smaller wrists – making them suitable for both children and teens to wear to school and sports activities.

Water Resistance And Toughness

Most G-Shock watches have a water-resistance for up to 200 metres, whereas Baby-G watches are only resistant for up to 100 metres. Hence, if you are an avid diver or love snorkelling in deep waters, the Casio G-Shock would be ideal for your lifestyle. 

When it comes to durability, Baby-Gs are held to the same standard as any other G-Shock watches. You can be assured that the Baby-G has the same shock resistance and construction quality. Also, don’t be deterred by its reduced water resistance – if you are a recreational diver, you tend to not go deeper than 40 metres, and a Baby-G can handle that depth just fine. 

Shared Features

Besides sharing the same unmatched durability, both Casio G-Shocks and Baby-Gs also have certain features such as an auto-adjusting calendar until the year 2099, stopwatch, alarm, countdown timer, an e-backlight that improves visibility in low lighting, and 12/24h time display. 

Some Baby-G watches, such as the Casio Baby-G Blx-565s-4dr G-Lide Sports Pink Watchalso come with advanced features like a tide graph and moon phase. However, you will not be able to find some of the really advanced G-Shock features like a compass or barometer in a Baby-G watch. The parts needed for these features take up space, and it’s impossible to fit them inside the smaller case of the Baby-G. 

Instead, you can find them in certain G-Shock models:

For a watch that comes with a barometric altimeter to accompany you on the roughest on-land adventures, consider the Casio G-Shock Gwg-2000-1a5dr On The Land Mudmaster Yellow Watch

Or if you are a pilot and fly frequently, then perhaps the all-new Casio G-Shock Gravitymaster Ga-1000-4adr In The Sky Orange Watch be well-suited. This watch is designed to match the needs of the modern aviator in terms of functionality and appearance, and it includes advanced features such as a digital compass and thermometer that measures temperatures ranging from -10 to 60°C.

Shop Casio Watches With City Chain

No matter your gender or lifestyle, you’ll appreciate all the unique features that Casio’s G-Shock and Baby-G watches have to offer. At the end of the day, what matters most is to identify your needs before shortlisting the watch models with the necessary features. 

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