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    UNDONE X Star Wars: A Modern Icon

    Ever since this epic space-opera was launched in the public's imagination in 1977, it has remained a cult classic and developed into not only a lauded film franchise, but inspired several television series, games, books and more! We are all a bit star wars-obsessed at the moment, and there’s no reason why our fashion accessories shouldn’t reflect that. Star Wars fans will be excited by the pieces on offer through the UNDONE X Star Wars collaboration here at City Chain Singapore. In this project, UNDONE brings your favourite characters to life and inspires some truly exemplary timepieces. Amongst the UNDONE X Star Wars watches, you will find cold black Darth Vader watches, alongside the smooth neutrals of Mandalorian inspired timepieces.

    Watches Made by Fans, for Fans

    The Star Wars universe is multifaceted and complex. There is so much lore to draw from when designing these timepieces that it only makes sense for fans to be the gears behind the creative process. Those who are longtime and dedicated fans of the franchise will appreciate the attention to detail and respect these designs demonstrate. 

    The iconic Darth Vader watch is dark, imposing, made up of hard and sophisticated lines. It is practically the embodiment of an iron fist, which is complemented by darkly celestial iconography on the clock face. With a titanium case material, you’d be hard-pressed to find a watch that better captures the energy of one of modern culture’s most imposing villains. Each of the UNDONE X Star Wars watches are treated with the same care when constructing the design.

    Bring Your Star Wars Style to the Streets With UNDONE

    Although these watches would fit neatly into a collectors cabinet, they’re also easily integrated into an array of casual and streetwear styles. These watches are iconic without being kitschy; nostalgic without being cringey. They exemplify the balance between style and culture for which UNDONE is so well-known. 

    So if you want to get your hands on an iconic collectors piece, then check out the City Chain e-commerce platform or come into our Singapore physical watch stores to inspect up close the fine details and craftsmanship of the UNDONE X Star Wars timepieces. Why not select one more from our premium collection of men’s and women’s watches to complement your purchase?

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