Get Nautical With UNDONE X Popeye

      UNDONE’s newest collection evokes an appreciation for the Marine Nationale’s (The French National Navy) influence on the design language of military dive watches. It complements this clean style with a touch of nostalgia for history’s favourite cartoon sailor man. Popeye, an exuberant sailor with a penchant for spinach and the horological, first appeared on the scene in an 1929 series of comic strips by Elzie Creisler Segar and only grew in popularity from there. UNDONE has tapped into the rich cultural history and impact of this beloved one-eyed sailor through their limited edition watch designs. Each nautical and nostalgia inspired craft is limited to 300 pieces only worldwide, making it hot property for dedicated Popeye fans around the world.

      Popeye Watches: Wearable Nostalgia By UNDONE

      Fans will know that the Popeye legacy isn’t simply spinach and a few cartoons. As a cultural icon, Popeye experienced popularity on screen as well as on the page. With the line of UNDONE X Popeye watches, this character can now come to life behind a hardened crystal casing, as a reminder of fond times reading comic strips or enjoying this gregarious sailor on screen. 

      Each Popeye watch is influenced by traditional french naval designs with bold blues and reds dominating the colour palette. But UNDONE hasn’t forgotten this character’s humble beginnings which are reflected in the more dignified and subdued Mono lines. The monochrome grey and black evoke images of early cinema and printing history, complemented by steel or silicone straps, both of which contribute to the old-school classic energy of the design. 

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      If you’re convinced that the UNDONE X Popeye watch is the next addition to your collection, then sail down to one of our physical watch stores in Singapore today to take a closer look at the keen attention to detail and classic nostalgia for which UNDONE is so well-known. If you just can’t wait, or don’t want to miss out on these limited edition pieces, then consider purchasing these exclusives via our online e-commerce platform for simple and fast payment options. No matter where you decide to make a purchase, City Chain is your one stop shop for all UNDONE collaborations and more — browse watch collections for men and women today!

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