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      UNDONE X Monopoly: It’s Time to Get Competitive

      If there’s one game everyone knows, it’s Monopoly. A source of family frustration, fractured friendships, and all-round good times, this game is an icon of contemporary culture. It is an emblem of modern economics and board game strategies united under the game’s overseer and conductor, Uncle Pennybags. A morning suit, bowtie, and tophat have become synonymous with this old-school uber-rich uncle. It’s no wonder, with such style and legacy, why UNDONE decided to integrate key features of Uncle Pennybags and the monopoly universe into this line of Monopoly watches.

      Classic Design, Timeless Style

      Of all the UNDONE X Monopoly watches, “The Benjamin'' has to be the most iconic. Featuring supply beige leather and a neutral beige dial, this design flirts with office wear trends from the mid-century. But don’t let the vintage aesthetic fool you; this edition features water-resistant 3 ATM technology which puts it miles ahead of old-school watches. 

      Designed by Stephen Bliss, this watch features the authentic Monopoly board game patent number which has been cleverly disguised as a US mint issuance number. This is one of the little easter eggs which Monopoly fans will be sure to delight in upon procuring this timepiece. 

      Bliss has developed a dynamic design for the clock face using Applied Sword indices and silver tachymeter to play on the added dimensions of Uncle Pennybags breaking out of a bank vault on the rightmost side. For those looking to include this piece in their collection, get in fast. This limited edition timepiece will only have 500 pieces worldwide, so come and snatch yours up quickly.

      UNDONE X Monopoly Watches In-store and Online

      If you’re convinced that the UNDONE X Monopoly watch is the next addition to your collection, then visit one of our physical watch stores in Singapore at these locations to take a closer look at the keen attention to detail and classic nostalgia for which UNDONE is so well-known. If you just can’t wait, or don’t want to miss out on these limited edition pieces, then consider purchasing via our online e-commerce platform for simple and fast payment options. No matter where you decide to make a purchase, City Chain is your one stop shop for all UNDONE collaborations. Discover premium watch brands available online here in Singapore and make the most of your purchase with us!

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