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      UNDONE x Batman: An Iconic Pairing

      The dark and gritty narrative of DC’s iconic playboy-philanthropist-turned-superhero has enchanted and inspired fans since he first appeared on the scene in 1939. Since then, the Batman has worn many different costumes, held different philosophies, fought ever-stronger villains, and appeared alongside other iconic characters like Superman and Robin. The UNDONE x Batman watch collaboration is an homage not simply to the modern character of Batman, but to the evolution of the Batman archetype in the decades since his introduction.

      Discover UNDONE x Batman Watches

      Inspired by Batman’s iconic design language, UNDONE’s ultimate Gotham City Collection is a tribute to his formidable arsenal of batsuits, batmobiles and gadgets, and by extension the different definitive eras of his evolution. Discover Batman watches from the steely Batman Quantum model which takes direct inspiration from the formidable gadgets of this character, to the classic Batman design of the Caped Crusader model which celebrates the 80th anniversary of Batman. 

      The UNDONE x Batman collection is full of exciting features. The limited edition Redhood Batman watch innovatively captured this iconic side character through a red-tinted open-glass caseback that provides a striking contrast with the hardy black cordura band. Unprecedented in design and engineering, these premium timepieces aren’t simply the Batman collectables you need, but the ones any true Batman fan and discerning watch collector deserves.

      Get Your UNDONE x Batman Watch at City Chain Singapore

      You don’t have to be a die-hard Batman fan to love these watches. The sleek lines, gunmetal finishes, and classic iconography make these timepieces a strong feature piece in any timepiece collection. To get the full experience and see the UNDONE craftsmanship for yourself, visit one of our physical watch stores in Singapore in-person.

      If you know exactly which UNDONE x Batman watch you want, make your purchase through our online e-commerce platform for a smooth and efficient purchase process. Browse the full range today available on City Chain and find your favourite Batman memorabilia in the limited-edition UNDONE x Batman collaboration.

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